Mother Punishes 7 Week Old Son By Placing Him Under Hot Running Water Until His Skin Came Off

by / April 28, 2012 Crime, WTF! 42 Comments

Puts Screaming baby under scolding water until his skin comes off

Chekayla Ariel Dampier is a young, new mother and, on Monday afternoon, her 7-week-old son wouldn’t stop crying. The 18-year-old was frustrated, a Pasco sheriff’s report states, so she punished the infant by holding his head under running hot water until his skin started “coming off and other parts of his skin were ‘bubbling.’ ”

The baby, Emilio Jesus Bautista, sustained severe burns to his head, chest and arms, as well as second-degree burns to his eyes and ears, the Sheriff’s Office said. A report states the abuse happened at 1 p.m.; Dampier brought him to Morton Plant North Bay Hospital in New Port Richey at 10 p.m. The baby was then flown to Tampa General Hospital, where, according to authorities, “the infant’s burns on his chest caused his left nipple to pull off when his shirt was removed.”

He remained at Tampa General on Wednesday in critical condition.




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  1. Lord please lay ur hands on this innocent bby. For we don’t understand why these young moms do what they do when life becomes to much.

    • I pray that the Lord will bring this poor baby home to Him. I pray for that mother because she seriously needs help. This makes me sick to my stomach.

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  3. I hope this bitch gets cancer

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  5. what is happening to our black people here in America? It seems that we have learned ALL the negative things of life. How to hurt babies and children. The hate we have for each other is very, very bad.

    • Amen!


  7. LORD PLEASE HELP US ALL! I’m crying for this sweet baby right now.

    • Dha baby is in my prayers nd I hope she punished for doin dhat to dha baby nd they need to find a gud home for dha baby.

      • Everyone needs to be prayed for in this situation. Especially the mom, the baby will not be going on in life w/ this memory in his head. But she will always remember it for the rest of her life. Things are always according to Gods plan!


  9. All I can think is that she’s not suited to being a mother. I wonder what values her parents ever taught her?

  10. I had a baby at 15, 17 and 20. I would have never did that to my children. Times got hard but I made it through and I have a BA in Accounting. If a person cant handle mother or fatherhood then they should take preventive measures. That’s a shame a child has to suffer for their parents ignorance.

  11. I pray for the baby for he has no fault he is just a innocent baby and i pray that the mother gets buried under the prison or better yet burns in hell. If i was her judge justice would be made death would be the verdict.

    • Thank God u r not the judge

  12. I have no words for this! Horrible!

  13. OK, here I go again saying, The United States (not someone else), need to cut the lights out and WE be forced to PRAY, REPENT, CLEANSE and impliment the RIGHT(eous), works NOW. THis is happening tooooooooooo much within ALL races, ALL financial levels, etc.

  14. this is so discusting on so many levels. the authorities should do the EXACT same thing to her until she cant breathe any more. that baby did ask to come into this world. i just dont understand young girls/women; im sure that they have relatives, friends that have children and see how difficult it is to care for a baby/child. what makes them think that theirs is going to be any different. babies cry. alot!!! if you look at other’s child(ren)and see how they act they should know that that isnt the life for them. there are TOO many birth control methods out here for any female to EVER have a child if they’re not ready. EVERY WOMAN CAN NOT BE AND ARE NOT MOTHER MATERIAL!!

  15. After reading this I caught chills…y would she do this to that baby…I don’t understand y…
    Set her ass on fire she’ll see how it feel…low down dirty bit@#….

  16. Too sad. What is wrong with people? The time to take the baby to the doctor was before she put him under the hot water.

  17. I hate the fact that this happened and she should be punished to the fullest extent. What I don’t like is the association with her being a young mother. I am 40+ years old and my mom and aunts, were married anD mothers by the time they were 18 and 19. They never once did anything as despicable as this. I had my son when I was 17, I worked, went to school and raised him. On those nights when he cried and cried because he had colic and I had to go school early in the morning, NEVER once did I think to do bodily harm to this child. As his mother my job was to protect him from all and any danger.
    This is about mentality-this younger generation has no regard or respect for human life. They don’t care about theirs or their offsprings.

  18. This is why young people should not have kids so early, their patience hasn’t matured yet. They are still maturing themselves. Kids young and old needs stable parents, emotionally, physically, financially, and mentally. My thoughts and prayers are with this young lady for the terrible action she has taken. I pray she seeks the Lord for repentance. I pray for this child and any siblings of this family if affected, I pray that his body be healed, restored, and made strong.

  19. I have faith the baby will pull through and survive. I don’t understand why these little girls have sex with no protection, it’s like they want to get pregnant. I hope she is charged with attempted murder.

  20. If she was my child I would beat dha hell out of her and then take my grandbaby frm her….Y would you burn a new born baby frm him to stp crying she is not a gud fit parent.

  21. I am so angered by this. That child should never go back to the mom. Not everybody is suited to be a parent at such a young age. And there are folks that really want kids of their own and this wench abuses a blessing. Smdh

  22. This animal, deserves the death penalty for torturing, and killing this child. All you jesus freaks want to pray for this child, but praying is not going to get him out of that grave. Where was your imaginary god, when this child needed his help, listening to prayers? What this animal need is a good old fashioned lynching, or burning at the stake.

    • Your comments sound just as animalistic as you proclaim the mother to be. Anger and frustration is no justification for the actions you are suggesting. This is exactly what lead to this baby being abused. This mother needed help and there are so many more like her out here. She is too young and immature for this kind of responsibility. Let’s not forget the fact that children are having children… Find some way to be a blessing in your community. Let’s work to stop these kids from having sex irresponsibly and before they are ready to take of of the consequences.

      For the record, I appreciate being called a Jesus freak. He lives and is returning. Prayer does work. He hears the cries and pleas of those who need, desire and call upon Him. Have you tried Him. Please don’t talk about those who have truly tried, know and love Him until you have.

      Rather than crucify this child (young mother), let’s ask her to be punished in this penal system, yes, but pray for her soul to be forgiven. The Hell she is living inside will endure for the rest of her life. And our taking her life is a cowardly way for us to deal with her and no less barbaric than what she did to her baby.

  23. And she has the nerve of saying how much she loves the baby on her Facebook page.

  24. It’s not about a person having kids young because to be quite honest I have seen adults do more devlish acts on kids and KNOW better. It is clear this child was not ready to be a parent and I blame the people around her she has not support system for her to be a mother. Wrong is Wrong so she should be treated also this is a time to give her treatment on parenting. She is still young she can have more children. That is problem with people … STOP WRITING OF YOUNG MOTHERS NUTURE THEM INSTEAD OF TALKING SHYT. What is done is done there is a baby or they are pregnant now start helping and teaching young parents to be GREAT parents. Good parenting does not come with age. It comes with learning and being taught and being loved!

  25. She should never be allowed to have any more children. That baby was a blessing and she did that to her baby. My GOD!!

  26. Moon head seek help….but I agree she is an animal for what she did to that poor baby…by the way moon head the baby isn’t dead…READ THE ARTICLE…that’s why people are praying for the baby stupid!

  27. That is one evil bitch!

  28. Poor baby obviously this so called mother does,nt have the common sense to raise a child properly,theres all kinds of information out there to prevent having kids if they,re not ready for them.This person is just way to stupid and ignorant to take precautions.I hope they fry her dumb ass.

  29. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? She clearly had to be under the influence of something!!!
    I can’t believe a person would do that to a child intentially. I want to see a picture of her in handcuffs NOT SMILING!! I

  30. Its sad when its people in this world that cant have children n they would relish to be in this young woman’s situation,and she could be that cruel to harm an innocent child!Smh she is soulless.I wont judge her but man she needs prayer n God bless that baby,i pray he recovers n finds a loving home.peace

  31. Understand being a mother is hard & stressful, but I feel I’ll never get this angry. 7 weeks old & won’t stop crying, something is wrong w/ the baby. Burning him only makes him cry more. What did she think a hot bath will drain him so he’ll sleep, that’s what us grown folks want 2 relax, a nice hot bath

  32. This is what happens when children have children. No matter what the law say, 18 is not an adult but an adolescent. This is where birth control, abortion, and decent parenting are critical. A person who was not herself raised well can’t be expected to be a good mother. How sad for the baby! I hope and pray that the child makes it and if it does, I am glad that it is so young it may not remember this.

  33. I pray that the baby recovers with no mental or physical scars … a lot of young girls get pregnant thinking it will keep the man and when it doesn’t work they take it out on the babies …. I pray that God never allows her to bring another baby into this world . She is a sick girl but she’ll get her punishment one way or another .

  34. Lets pray for help for the both of these babies. Someone needs to parent the mother, the father needs to step up and get the young child. It is a shame to be in the world alone with no one to turn to for help. This is definetly a travesty.

  35. She is very sick in the mind. God will forgive her and the baby will too. But I say, remove all parts that can assist her in bringing another baby into this world!

    Some women are not made to be mothers. She looks like a baby herself.

  36. Duh! That will stop him from crying! I work in a hospital intensive care unit and see intentional injuries to children all the time. It sickens me everytime I see or hear of a child being abused. IF YOU ARE NOT A RESPONSIBLE ADULT, DON’T HAVE CHILDREN! Children are very needy, they get sick, and demand loads of time. It is a labor of love. Selfish little girls should not get pregnant. For the sake of the child, (if it survives) should never, ever be returned to this ‘mother’! She needs to have scalding water poured over her!!!

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