Brandon McCarthy of the Oakland A’s Tweets Against Kiss Cam Homophobia

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Oakland A’s righthander Brandon McCarthy has had just about enough of Kiss Cam and the anti-gay overtones he believes it conveys.
He took to Twitter recently after a Kiss Cam session ended with the camera focused on two men. He didn’t see any humor in the gag, and he pointed out that no real attempt is made to include gay and lesbian couples.
McCarthy’s tweet: “They put two guys on the ‘Kiss Cam’ tonight. What hilarity!! (by hilarity I mean offensive homophobia). Enough with this stupid trend.”
According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a group of gay St. Louis Rams fans also complained a couple of years ago when a Kiss Cam session featured two non-gay men who made disgusted faces when the camera honed in on them.
“There’s that stupid, little comedic value of it if you don’t really think about what it implies,” McCarthy told the newspaper. “It kind of got old on that level. Then I actually started thinking about why we were supposed to be laughing, and it bugged me.”
McCarthy also pointed out that such gags are counterproductive to the “It Gets Better” anti-hate campaigns in which many Major League Baseball players have participated.
“If there are gay people who are coming to a game and seeing something like that, you can’t assume they’re comfortable with it,” McCarthy told the San Francisco Chronicle. “If you’re even making a small group of people … feel like outcasts, then you’re going against what makes your model successful.”




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