Derek Fisher Tells NBPA He Will Not Resign

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National Basketball Players Association president Derek Fisher fired back at the union’s leadership pushing for his resignation on Friday night.

Fisher, who is calling for an independent review of the union’s business and financial practices under executive director Billy Hunter, reiterated that he wouldn’t resign and called for peers in the league to stand and fight with him.

Hunter has rallied the eight-player executive committee to call for Fisher’s resignation. Hunter and the committee failed Friday in hopes of organizing a conference call among the league’s player representatives to call for Fisher’s ouster.

“I along with many others are extremely disappointed with the executive committee,” Fisher wrote in an email distributed by his publicist Friday night. “Their demand for my resignation and their need to protect the NBPA management and their own best interests instead of protecting the players we were elected to serve is unfortunate.

“I have tried to convey the legal and moral obligations we have as union officers. Sadly, the executive committee has now waged a personal character attack on me to divert attention from the real issue. The truth.”



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  1. Billy Hunter displayed exmtere lack of judgment. Any lawsuit he brings will only dredge up the muck basically Board of Directors of the Player’s Association are the ones who will be embarrassed if/when it ever goes to trial. They allowed him to stay on far too long after the list of improprieties were disclosed probably because he pandered to them as well.1. combined committee on approval of Hansen-Ballmer and relocation was a calculated move by Stern. He has given the BOG the option to reject Hansen’s PSA BECAUSE the relocation doesn’t meet NBA guidelines. 2. anything between now and April 19 that potentially calls into question our arena being built is the simplest way for the League to say, can’t approve, no commitments for arena. This gives the out for the Maloofs too and they can then sell again to whomever they want. 3. Stern is playing the two cities right now he wants Sacramento to have a comparable back-up plan in case anything happens in Seattle for our arena in the next two months as well as to have them poised to get another team next time one is available.4. Kevin Johnson and his City Council will OF COURSE approve anything and everything quickly and probably without proper vetting to their citizens because from what I can tell, this is the only big deal in Sacramento and with 12% unemployment, this will mean new jobs for their citizens as a new arena and be a sort of instant sugar dose of $$ for their economy (long-term impact though will probably make them diabetic). So, the ball is in Seattle’s court literally to get any potential lawsuits regarding the new arena dealt with as soon as possible because Stern I believe can and will advise the BOG that they MUST consider that when reaching their decision. Sacramento has been very good for Stern’s ego, no way his ego is going to not help them out let’s face it, as much as we love Sonicsgate, it certainly didn’t change Stern and Bennett’s minds about their time in Seattle. No one likes to be the bad guy.Now, Stern is gone next February 1, 2014 and the owners know this and I am pretty sure the owners want back into Seattle and probably are also fairly confident that Hansen-Ballmer are not going to let any commitments made to the NBA in terms of a new arena be unmet even if there are stray straggling lawsuits. That’s why I think, barring any horrendous thing up here in terms of the EIS and the two lawsuits (both of which I think will be dismissed), the BOG will approve the sale and relocation knowing that Hansen-Ballmer will be a great set of owners for the NBA club and that is a much stronger power than an out-going Stern right now.Having the Seattle SuperSonics back in Seattle is a bigger thing to most of the NBA owners right now than messing around in Sacramento. David Stern has spent years and years helping Sacramento, we all know he’s done way more for Sacramento than he did for Seattle. I’m going to trust in the majority of the NBA owners know this and want to get the SuperSonics back in Seattle.

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