Dancer Received Illegal Butt Implants – Left Deadly Silicone INSIDE HER LUNGS

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A Philadelphia woman dubbed “the Black Madam” used silicone from Thailand and Krazy Glue to perform at-home cosmetic surgery that left an exotic dancer with a plump derriere — and potentially deadly complications, the dancer testified Wednesday.

Padge Windslowe charged $1,000 to perform injections on a dining room table at “pumping parties,” 23-year-old Shurkia King testified. But King suffered severe respiratory problems afterward and spent two weeks in the hospital. A doctor testified that he found silicone particles on her lungs that could have killed her.

A judge Wednesday order Windslowe, 42, to stand trial on charges that include aggravated assault, practicing medicine without a license and theft by deception.

Police believe Windslowe also injected 20-year-old London tourist Claudia Aderotimi, who died last year after a pumping party at a Philadelphia airport hotel. Aderotimi complained of chest pain and difficulty breathing following the procedure. No charges have been filed in that case as detectives await extensive autopsy test results.

King heard about the London woman’s death on the news and asked Windslowe about it, King said.

“She said she didn’t kill the girl, (that) she was high,” King said.

Windslowe, who wore a sleek black outfit to court, did not testify at the hearing and showed little outward reaction to the testimony. She remains in jail on $750,000 bail.

Philadelphia police believe she has performed at least 14 cosmetic surgeries, moving locations to avoid detection.

King, slender and modestly dressed, described the defendant’s technique in her hour-long testimony. She said she learned about Windslowe through fellow dancers. She said she thought Windslowe was a nurse.





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  1. Man this is just crazy. I just finish reading the book Hot Shots. It’s a woman tell her story about getting butt injections. And it’s just amazing what some people will do to get a big butt!!! Like I’ve said before if you want to have this done go to a professional plastic surgery instead of some hotel room with an unlicense person. They’re using industrial silicone and Krazy glue!!! and besides be happy with the butt the good Lord has given you. Not only can you die from with but you can also loose you limbs from this back room procedure.

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