Iverson Says His Wife is a Liar When It Comes to The Restraining Order

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Former NBA superstar Allen Iverson says that his wife is lying about the restraining order that she’s trying to get against him.  TMZ says that the star is claiming that he never harassed his family and that his wife is being vindictive.

The court documents were filed in Fulton County, Georgia.  Iverson is asking the court to throw out the restraining order requested by Tawanna Iverson.  Tawanna claims that Allen “has engaged in increasingly contemptuous, threatening, and disturbing behavior” in the recent past and that she is fearful of her safety.

Iverson recently made a public appearance at the playoff game between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers.   Iverson continues to try to play in the NBA even though there is little interest from any team.  While there is speculation that Iverson is broke, Peter Vessey from the New York Post claims that Iverson has an account with $32 million in it.  The account won’t let him withdraw the funds until he is 55 years old, but he is allowed to take out $1 million per year.





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