Why You’re Not Married Yet?Relationship Advise Helping Women Find Mr. Right

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Intellectually, you know there’s nothing wrong with not being married, but then why does it feel kinda like there is? As if the Life Train is getting ready to pull out of the station and somehow you’re stuck trying to buy a ticket at a malfunctioning kiosk. You keep swiping your credit card, but nothing happens. You’re starting to wonder if this is like Europe, where your card needs to be embedded with some sort of magical chip to work.

The whole purpose of this book is to help you do something that — if you’re like a lot of women I know — might pain you to even admit that you want to do. And that something is get married.

But let’s get one thing clear right away. This is not a book about finding a man. In fact, it’s hardly about men at all. Because getting married — as you’ve probably figured out by now — is not about finding a man. There are zillions of guys out there. The question is, how come you’re not marrying any of them?

 This is a book about you. About what kind of woman you are. Specifically, whether you are the kind of woman who is ready for marriage. And if you’re not, how you can be. Naturally, you probably think you already are that woman. Who wouldn’t think that? But one of the ideas behind this book is that you could probably stand to take a good, honest look at where you are — okay, a gooder, honester look — to really assess what your negative traits might be and how they might be holding you back. It’s unlikely that you’re doing every single thing wrong. But it’s also unlikely that you’re doing everything right. Only by being willing to really search your soul and look with compassion upon whatever you find there will you expand as a person — and, as a result, become ready (or more ready) for marriage.



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