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Man Claiming To Be Stevie Wonders Nephew Trying To Extort $5 Million Dollars Over Alleged Incest

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A man has been arrested after plotting to extort $5 million from legendary singer Stevie Wonder in a bizarre incest plot.

Alpha Lorenzo Walker was arrested earlier this month for claiming that he was the son of the musical star and his sister.

TMZ reports that authorities were notified when the man threatened to go to the media unless Wonder paid up a substantial sum.

Walker was initially trying to get a multi-million dollar pay day from the Isn’t She Lovely crooner but then lowered it to $10,000 when his initial request was denied.

Sources told the site that undercover officers arranged a meeting with Walker and posed as representatives of the singer who had the funds.

They then asked him to sign a document which included wording that his allegations were untrue.

When Walker signed said paperwork, he was then arrested and is now in custody.

He and his girlfriend Tamara Eileen Diaz have been charged with felony extortion but have pleaded not guilty.

insiders have told TMZ that the allegations of Stevie being involved in an incestuous relationship are completely false.

Walker had identified himself as being Wonder’s nephew and said he had embarrassing information about the star.

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