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June 8, 2012

North Dakota Oil Spill Creates Big Mess and Jobs

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Oil drilling has sparked a frenzied prosperity in Jeff Keller’s formerly quiet corner of western North Dakota in recent years, bringing an infusion of jobs and reviving moribund local businesses. But Keller, a natural resource manager for the Army Corps of Engineers, has seen a more ominous effect of the boom, too: Oil companies are spilling and dumping drilling waste onto the region’s land and into its waterways with increasing…

AWESOME: Muhammad Ali Ornaments The New Face For Louis Vuitton

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You might not expect to see the great Muhammad Ali on a Louis Vuitton bag.  But then again, things have changed since the young, boisterous boxer rejected the establishment.  Now, at the age of 70, Ali has the chance to make some money from his hard work, even if he’s not as healthy as he used to be.  Here’s a tribute to the great one. Sports legend Muhammad Ali turns fashion…

Whoa: Sherri Shepherd Threatened With Rape On Twitter

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Sherri Shepherd is fresh off of filing a police report after someone threatened to rape her for the things she says on Twitter.  Shepherd can have an attitude when she has to have one, and when a man said that someone should take her into a back alley and rape her, she took it as a threat.  There’s no word on whether the police are going to file charges, but…

Princeton Gives Aretha Franklin Honorary Doctorate

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She is the queen of soul and also the queen of all things.  Now, she has an honorary degree from Princeton University.  The university honored Aretha Franklin with a doctorate this week for her lifetime of achievements.  It’s honorable that they made the move, since Arizona State University refused to give an honorary doctorate to President Obama back in 2008, claiming that he didn’t have the body of work necessary…

Police Use Stun-Gun On 8-Months Pregnant Woman Over Parking Dispute

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Police are accused of over-reacting to a woman who wasn’t happy about a parking ticket she received.  Perhaps officers didn’t realize that she didn’t deserve to be stunned or that a baby would not benefit if the mother is hit with a stun gun while she is eight month’s pregnant.  Either way, Chicago police are under heavy scrutiny after stunning a black woman when she was eight months pregnant.  Not…