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June 12, 2012

WTF! Florida Man Sets His Son’s Mother On Fire Then Chases Her With A Knife

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A man was arrested for drenching his son’s mother in gasoline, setting her ablaze and then chasing her with a long knife at a gas station Monday, Boynton Beach Police said. Roosevelt Mondesir, 52, faces a charge of attempted first-degree murder for the attack on the 34-year-old woman, according to the probable cause affidavit. read more

Two Idiots Risk Their Lives Jumping the Subway Tracks

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Platform jumping appears to be an up-and-coming extreme sport in the New York City underground. A Youtube video surfaced of two men jumping across the tracks from platform to platform without any concern for the danger that they were putting themselves in. This phenomenon falls in suit with “subway surfing” (hanging on to the outside of the train while it is moving) which killed 13 people and injured 56 more…

The Types of Men Most Likely to Cheat

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  If your husband is an engineer then you have a higher probability than most to know what a cheating husband looks like. According to AshleyMadison.com — a website designed to ease the process of committing adultery, married men with two children over ten years old and are in their 40s are the  biggest cheaters. Concerned about your marriage? Here are the stats: IT/Engineer (10.6%) Financial Industry (8.2%) Education (6.5%)…

Face Biting Victim Was Also Shot by the Police

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  As if being eaten alive by a zombie soap-junky wasn’t bad enough, Ronald Poppo (victim of Rudy Eugene’s manic attack) was not only mangled by Eugene, but he was also shot by the cops. In an effort to to save his life the police fired at Eugene, hitting Poppo and resulting in an entry and exit wound in his chest. Even though he is missing half of his face,…

Study: African Americans with High Blood Pressure Have Far Higher Risk of Early Heart Disease

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We all know that African Americans tend to suffer from high blood pressure.  Researchers have found that it may be worse than you think.  After studying 161 people in a single emergency room, they found that 93 percent of the patients were black.  None of the patients showed symptoms of heart disease, but 94 percent had a history of high blood pressure. BlackDoctor.org says that out of this group, a…

Mother Puts Bacardi in Her Baby’s Bottle by Accident

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Here’s a question:  What mother puts Bacardi in a baby bottle in the first place?  That might be the question to ask Iesha Hill, a 26-year old woman who accidentally put Bacardi in the bottle of her five month old baby.  The child took the alcohol into her system and was rushed to the hospital. The mother says that the mix-up occurred because she used a water bottle filled with…