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June 24, 2012

The Dream Hit with Massive Lawsuit After Woman’s Car Crash

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The Dream has been hit with a lawsuit by the victim of a brutal car crash in Georgia—one he alleged had no involvement in. According to celebrity website TMZ, Elaine Nowells filed suit against Patrick Thrall, identified as one of the singer-songwriter’s record company employees, claiming that in June of 2010 Thrall t-boned her car after running a red light at a four-way stop—an accident that allegedly knocked her car…

Maria Lloyd: Black Chief of Police Says Racism Led to His Firing

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  by Maria Lloyd Rodney Pearson, an African American, believes he was fired from his position as Chief of Police in Jasper, Texas, solely because of his race. Jasper, Texas is a city whose cemetery buries white people on top of a hill and “a black”- as 80-year old cemetery board of director member references African Americans- is always buried at the bottom of the hill. The town has a…