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Comic Book Lovers: The Green Lantern Returns As Married Gay Man Active In U.S. Military

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The Green Lantern isn’t the gay pioneer everyone thinks he is — at least according to the people over at Archie Comics, who claim THEY created the first ever gay comic book character.
The gay doodle is Kevin Keller (right) — an active U.S. military officer who married his partner in the January 2012 issue of Archie Comics.

DC Comics followed suit Friday — announcing The Green Lantern would be be rebooted as a gay character.

Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater tells TMZ, “We love the fact that everyone is following Archie’s lead. We broke new ground. We have led in so many areas. We are proud we are first.”

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  1. gender reassignment anyone? we were not a homosexual people before catching that slaver ship out.

  2. Why are children being marketed to about subjects of a sexual nature?

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