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July 9, 2012

Criminal Mother Arrested After Infant Son is Found in Street

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Parents Myia Cole and Clyde Jackson called the police Saturday night and reported that their child was missing. Both parents were extremely intoxicated by the time that the police had arrived and had no idea where their child could be. The couple told the Tulsa police that they had left the child with a relative or a friend but could not seem to remember where. After a 3 hour search…

Minister Caught Having Sex with 15-Year-Old Girl

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Orlando Wallace, a Memphis minister was arrested after being accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl. The 50-year-old was allegedly photographed having sex with the minor while another 15-year-old girl took pictures on her cell phone. The police say that the sexual encounters were occurring at the girl’s home. Wallace and the minor had been sending sexual photos to each other electronically on various occasions. Jesse Lipford, Pastor of Lakeview…

Racial Tensions Rise in Texas

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A racial battle has the potential to shift the balance in Jasper, TX, a town that has already had its fair share of  racial outbursts. When Mayor Mike Lout (white) did not endorse Rodney Pearson (black) to be the next police chief base on ‘qualifications’ racial tensions began to escalate. Now the mudslinging is getting to the point where people feel the need to dig up unfortunate information about both…

Obama Moves for Middle Class Tax Cuts

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In an effort to show how Republican candidate Mitt Romney focuses on the interests of the rich, Obama is working to create tax cuts for the middle class. Obama will be fighting for a tax cut extension of one year for households that make less than a quarter of a million dollars. Obama is not interested on creating more tax cuts for the rich, much unlike Romney who would like…

Florida Allows People With Mental Health Issues to Receive Concealed Gun Licenses

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Florida has been putting out some brilliant policies in gun control. Their best idea? — not checking mental health records before granting someone a gun permit. Since the Department of Agriculture and Consumer services is not a law enforcement agency it cannot go through the FBI’s records of 1.6 million people with mental illnesses. Without this information they are still allowed to grant concealed weapons licenses. Since the Virginia Tech…

Woman’s Brutal Murder Cheered by Taliban Crowd

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There is a video circulating of a Taliban member killing a woman who had been accused of adultery. The video shows the  man shooting the woman 9 times, killing her. Despite how disgusting that action is alone, the most terrifying part is the crowd cheering him on as he brutally murders this defenseless woman. The woman is shown on her knees in a burqa while somewhere around 100 men shout…

3 Mauled During the “Running of the Bulls”

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Will the spanish ever learn? Three people were mauled by a bull that broke away from the pack during the San Fermin Festival, an annual tradition in Pamplona Spain. During the 38-year-old participant Aryeh Deutsch from Cherry Hill New Jersey has participated in dozens of bull runs in the past. This was the first year that he was attacked by a bull. Deutsch said that he was tripped by the…

Houston Pastors Talked HIV on “Day of Unity”- Thanks to The NAACP

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The NAACP’s initiative titled “The Black Church and HIV: The Social Justice Imperative” discusses the overwhelming number of HIV infections affecting black women and men. The organization partnered with pastors at black churches throughout Houston, Texas, to participate in a “Day of Unity” today. All pastors agreed to dedicate their sermon to preaching about the HIV epidemic. One pastor went an extra mile by taking an HIV test during his…