New Study Shows Link Between Large Breasts and Cancer

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A recent study shows that breast density – the amount of non-fat tissue – is linked to a greater risk of cancer in women. A study of 16,000 women was done in which genetic mutations connected to breast size showed signs that they were also linked to cancer.

The study included participants from AAA cup sized all the way up to DDD. This is the first study that has shown a connection between breast size and cancer. 7 mutations were strongly linked to breast cancer and 3 mutations were associated with breast cancer.


Dr. Nicholas Eriksson from 23andMe, a California-based genetics firm, says that, ‘while the precise relationships between breast size, density, obesity and breast cancer remain difficult to untangle, understanding the biology . . . may aid in the development of novel screening tools.’ Karin Michels, the study’s lead author, said that everyone regardless of size is at risk of breast cancer and should undergo screening.




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