Houston Pastors Talked HIV on “Day of Unity”- Thanks to The NAACP

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The NAACP’s initiative titled “The Black Church and HIV: The Social Justice Imperative” discusses the overwhelming number of HIV infections affecting black women and men. The organization partnered with pastors at black churches throughout Houston, Texas, to participate in a “Day of Unity” today. All pastors agreed to dedicate their sermon to preaching about the HIV epidemic. One pastor went an extra mile by taking an HIV test during his 10 AM sermon and provided free testing at the church- something that has never been implemented before today.

Chairman of the Board for the NAACP, Roslyn Brock, expressed the organization’s interest in utilizing the black church for this initiative saying, “…it is the moral authority and it is in many respects the voice of the voiceless and those who are left out“.  Texas was hot on the NAACP’s radar because 42% of  the people diagnosed with HIV in Texas were African American. Houston had the most HIV infections in the entire state of Texas. (NOTE: All statistics are based from data collected in 2010.) I’m happy this is finally being discussed in the black church. Sex is a taboo subject in the African American community and the walls of discomfort need to be torn down to address this issue and save lives.




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