Minister Caught Having Sex with 15-Year-Old Girl

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Orlando Wallace, a Memphis minister was arrested after being accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl. The 50-year-old was allegedly photographed having sex with the minor while another 15-year-old girl took pictures on her cell phone. The police say that the sexual encounters were occurring at the girl’s home. Wallace and the minor had been sending sexual photos to each other electronically on various occasions.

Jesse Lipford, Pastor of Lakeview Community Temple, is adement about separating any connection between Wallace and the church. Lipford said that he did not know that Wallace was involved in such dirty dealing claiming that Wallace seemed to be a good man. Pastor Lipford continued to deny any substantive connection to Wallace by saying, ” He`s a minister, but he don`t work here.  He`s just a preacher here.” Lipford does not want Wallace’s horrendous actions reflecting on the church.

No one has spoken up about how Wallace knows the victim. A news crew went to his house in Whitehaven where a woman inside the house refused to comment on the situation. Unfortunately for Wallace he has already been convicted in Shelby County of patronizing prostitution twice and was arrested by the police while having sex with the minor.



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  1. Adam, and Eve were brother and sister. Cain and Able married each other’s twin. The daughters of some old man (I forgot his name) got their father drunk, and had sex with him. These are some of the sordid, stories of the bible, but there are many more. If you read the Old Testament, you will see that this god that you are following, actually not only proclaimed that slaves should obey their masters, but that black people are inferior, and should be slaves ( Cain & Able). The bible is the most racist, violent, misogynist book, that has ever been written, and if this is gods words, I want nothing to do with him. These preachers, are not doing anything that isn’t done in the bible, and we were all conceived from incest. That is according to god’s (The bible)word.

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