Racial Tensions Rise in Texas

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A racial battle has the potential to shift the balance in Jasper, TX, a town that has already had its fair share of  racial outbursts. When Mayor Mike Lout (white) did not endorse Rodney Pearson (black) to be the next police chief base on ‘qualifications’ racial tensions began to escalate.

Now the mudslinging is getting to the point where people feel the need to dig up unfortunate information about both Pearson and Lout. Pearson had been arrested for writing bad checks, Lout for public intoxication etc..

Using the Texas Police Chiefs Association’s standards Pearson scored lower than some in a few areas, mostly because he does not have his bachelors degree. That standard should not be relevant because many police chiefs, nor Mayor Lout himself, have their bachelors degree. Pearson brings 21 years of service as a state trooper to the table. In April 2011 Pearson was appointed chief in a vote with 4 black members for Pearson and one white member against him. KJAS, a local radio station, had their Facebook page used by local gun shop owner, Lance Caraway, as a means to promote hate speech, dropping the N-bomb on the wall. Recall organizers, like Caraway, have received support from both blacks and whites.



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