Terrell Owens May Go to Jail Over Child Support

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Every time you think that the life of Terrell Owens can’t get any worse, he surprises you.  Owens, the man with more baby’s mamas than a Fantasia concert, is $20,000 behind in child support payments and will face jail time if he doesn’t cough up the cash.   The judge is angry at him for not showing up for a court hearing and has made it clear that if he doesn’t do what he needs to do, he’ll soon find himself in the slammer.

Judge John Goger allowed David Hartin, Owens’ attorney, to accept the blame for his client’s absence.  Hartin says that he didn’t communicate with his client about coming to court.   The dispute in question involves Melanie Page Smith, who is the mother of Owens’ 7-year old daughter.  Smith says that TO hasn’t made payments for months after agreeing to give her $5,000 each month.

The judge met with Randy Kessler, Smith’s attorney, as well as the attorney for Owens, and rescheduled the case for next Thursday.

“It’s a tragedy, not only that we are here today; this is the third case she has had to file in the last year,” Kessler told WSBTV.com. “We are hoping next week the case will come to a resolution and Mr. Owens will pay and pay every month.”

Although he ranks second in NFL history for the number of receiving yards, Terrell Owens has not been able to get signed in the NFL.   His mistakes off the field are starting to catch up with him as well, leading to serious financial problems for the former athlete.  The man who once stood on top of the world is now experiencing the worst that life has to offer, all because he didn’t plan his life out in advance.

Any young athlete who wants to live a safe, fulfilling and prosperous life might want to take a note out of Terrell Owen’s book.  All that glitters isn’t gold, and while it might seem like a good thing that all the women in the world are knocking down your door, it only takes a bit of life experience to realize that it’s not as much fun as you think.  I wish Terrell Owens the best, but this could have been avoided.  The scariest part of it all is that the worst is yet to come.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and founder of the Your Black World Coalition. To receive Dr. Boyce commentary in your email, please click here.





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  1. This makes no sense to me. Just adjust the money to something he can afford point Blank. It should not call for him to be in jail. The mother needs a job or something but this makes no sense to me at all. The child does not need 5,000 a month to live. But because she may be lazy now SHE has to have it to maintain her lifestyle common sense should have told them BOTH that this will not last so let me live nice but not over the line save for a rainy day and then this situation would not be here but because they BOTH were careless and thoughtless now they child will suffer because BOTH parents were being stupid! Truth has come to you!

  2. He didn’t take care of his dogs, now he is not taking care of his children. He is worthless!

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