Woman’s Brutal Murder Cheered by Taliban Crowd

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There is a video circulating of a Taliban member killing a woman who had been accused of adultery. The video shows the  man shooting the woman 9 times, killing her. Despite how disgusting that action is alone, the most terrifying part is the crowd cheering him on as he brutally murders this defenseless woman.

The woman is shown on her knees in a burqa while somewhere around 100 men shout “God is Great” while she is being killed. Al Jazeera reported that the woman was believed to have been having an affair with a Taliban officer while married to another one. The Taliban justifies such brutal killing by their belief that Allah states that adultery is wrong. So since it is so wrong loading a woman nine bullets for your AK-47 must then be right. A man in the video who is reading off passages on adultery in the Koran finishes his speech by saying, “We cannot forgive her, God tells us to finish her. Juma Khan, her husband, has the right to kill her.”

According to further reports the shooter was not satisfied with the 9 shots that he previous took and continued to shoot the woman’s body another 6 times.



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