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Mom Beats Man With Baseball Bat For Allegedly Molesting Her Sons

by / August 21, 2012 Crime 226 Comments

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27 Year-Old Mother of Two Beat Community Football Coach For Allegedly Molesting Her Children

A 27-year-old mother of two young boys (eight and nine years of age) is being charged with assault after nearly beating a community coach to death for allegedly molesting her sons. “I asked my son, ‘Did he touch you bad, did he touch you down there?’ And my little boy said ‘Yes,’ and I said ‘Was it just you?’ And he said ‘No, he touched some more kids,'” Richmond told a local news station.

Richmond’s concerns were heightened when she received a phone call from the head coach of the community football team, located in Memphis, Tennessee, on Saturday requesting a meeting with the coach who allegedly molested her sons.  As she made her way to the meeting, Richmond spotted the alleged child molester, Coach Red, during her commute. “He was running away,” said Richmond. “I didn’t say anything to him I just blinked out. When I saw him, I saw my kids being hurt, that’s it.”

Neighbors saw Richmond chase the coach down the street to a neighbor’s carport and beat the man with a bat. “There was blood splattered all over my carport,” said a neighbor Jackie Woods. “She beat his head open, split his head.” Richmond says she did call police to report the coach but everything happened quickly.  “I was hoping the police made it to him before I did,” said Richmond. “He was saying he didn’t do it and he was sorry. If you didn’t do it why are you saying you’re sorry? What are you sorry for?” Neighbors don’t believe Richmond should have been taken to jail for beating the coach.

They’re suffering, they toss and turn at night, and they really just ain’t been sleeping because they’ve been scared. They were even scared to tell me. I mean I’m their mom,” stated Richmond. “If I don’t protect them then who will?”

Dr.  Boyce Watkins appeared with Steve Perry and Jawanza Kunjufu in the popular film, “Hoodwinked,” which explores the experience of black males in America.  Dr. Watkins says that there is a broad, untold story about young men who are abused by so-called “male mentors” when their single mothers aren’t looking.

“People have to understand that this is an epidemic,” says Dr. Watkins, whose father was the head of the Crimes Against Children Unit in his hometown. “Mothers must be diligent in protecting their children before-the-fact, since most kids aren’t going to say a word about abuse until they are cursing your name 20 years down the road.”

Dr. Watkins is an advocate for mothers being thoughtful about the men in their lives, both before and after pregnancy.   He also says that with growing incarceration rates in the black community, there has been a rise in cases where single mothers are seeing their children victimized by boyfriends, coaches, and other seemingly innocent male mentors who take their sons under their wing.

“I tell my daughters, ‘if a man is not going to be a good father, then don’t let him inside your body or inside your life.  Also, after that baby is born, don’t assume that every nice man who comes into your life doesn’t have some dark s-xual secret that he isn’t hiding from you.  It happens far more than you can imagine, which is why we must work extra hard to keep our families together in the first place.” 

Supporters are soliciting donations to assist Richmond with acquiring counseling for the two boys. Click here for more information.




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226 Comment

  1. So…I don’t understand what she did that was wrong. She did exactly what she was supposed too.

    • Exactly!

    • She needs a Medal of Honor! She should not be charge with anything for beating someone to hurt her children.

    • He should consider himself lucky that she didn’t have a gun…..

  2. I would’ve done the same damn thang! This sister needs to honored for doing something that was RIGHT!

    I’m sure if a pig would’ve beaten this negroid’s ass; they wouldn’t be in jail!!! This sister needs a trophy; not jail time.

    I keep telling y’all that integration and religion has messed up the minds of negroids. Blacks NEVER did these things to children that didn’t belong to them, back in the day! When we heard stories where children were molested, we knew a caucasoid committed the crime, but today, negroids are doing the same damn things there caucasoid counterparts are doing!!!

    If this racist government (white teachers) get away with molesting and raping our children; then this sister has the RIGHT to beat this pedophile’s ass!!!


    • I agree with you that she did the right thing! After that your ignorance shows evil happens in every culture, race, and gender. Get over yourself, my MIXED kids are wonderful! to bad your soul is having issues at this time. One can only hope one day you can see the stupidity of what you say about the black community and the children that result from integration directly and/or indirectly

      • “Blacks NEVER did these things to children that didn’t belong to them” that’s about the most ignorant statement on this panel. So blacks didn’t molest other peoples kids until they learned from white people?! So they just molested their own? Like civilized people are supposed to hunh? Bruh, Derrick you need to think before you type.

        • yes blacks did too i’m old now i remember lady next door neighbor too my mom fed her husband rat posion for molesting his kids another time the lady fed her boyfriend husband i dont which then blew his brains out and when i was about 16 there was little boy who we found on our door step he said he was hurting my mom said were he pointed she call police i have wonder sometimes what happen to him

    • I agree with you. It’s sad because at the end of the day the only ones that really have to feel the most pain is the innocent children. Then people wonder why the children of today are just messed up in the head.. I bet this woman gets something like 25 to life, however, if the skin was 5 shades from black she would be home, out on bail.. SAD!!!

    • They were quick to put her pic up hell id smile too

    • @Derrick I agree that I would’ve done the same thing! My lawyer would’ve gotten me out! LOL However, I don’t agree with you on a few things. This is not about Blacks and Caucasians. Children of every race get violated, and monsters of every race do it. When you say that Blacks never did these things to our own children back in the days you are very very wrong. Girls and Boys are molested, raped and beaten by people of their own race, by their own family, by friends and neighbors of the family, by some nasty person that wants to rub too close on a crowded train or bus. You cannot tell who these people are just by looking at them. This could be the very person you THINK you can trust around your kids. No matter what the race of a person is, the important fact is to keep our eyes open, teach our kids, listen to them, and filter the monsters that we let them be around. Never turn your head, or blink. It happens just that quick!


    • Derrick,

      That is not true at all….I don’t know where you are getting your facts from…race has nothing to do with sexual assault this is not a white or black problem..it is society’s problem….PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE FACTS.

      • You are correct. I am caucasion and was molested by a little league coach many many years ago. It is not a black issue. It is a childs issue. Kudos to mum.

    • Unfortunately these types of abuses have happened among persons of all racial and ethnic groups for decades if not centuries. As a young mental health therapist back in the early 1970s, I used to believe the same thing until I started specializing in child and adolescent mental health therapy and began to realize how common it is and was. The sad truth is that it a horrible, not so well hidden even among Black folks.

    • Good for her- I hope this sets an example that people are fed up with predators of our children and aren’t going to take it anymore…waiting for a court to release them back into society. (whoa- why is this suddenly an “attack white folk” opportunity, Derrick?)

    • Derrick, you sir are a DUM**SS! This is a case of a sick individual, not racial integration and religion.

  3. Not only is the mom great but so are the neighbors that didn’t jump in to save that piece of weak trash. How much is her bail so I can help a sister out?


  5. People we have got to watch the actions and reactions of our children with ANY grown person in today s society…..teach your children to tell you everything that goes on with them even if they are afraid to tell….so much is going on with our children and the people we entrust them to…..you know if the so-called ‘men of god'(small g because a real man of my God would not harm any one especially a child) are raping our children then you better not put nothing past no one….pray this lady is released and she get those children and herself some serious counseling…………SHE DID WHAT ANY TRUE MOTHER WOULD DO….our main defense is still PREVENTION!

  6. First of all, this Mom did exactly what she was supposed to do!

    The issue here is the law vs justice. The criminal justice system can only give you the law. That’s why this woman was arrested for assault. I am in no way down on law enforcement or the judicial system, but common sense and a sense of justice needs to prevail here.
    I am a Dad and have no problem saying I would have done the same thing or worst. There’s not a parent breathing that wouldn’t have done the same thing.
    Have we forgotten these kids have to heal mentally, physically and may have some emotional scarring for some time to come?

    This woman should be given an award for getting this pedifile pedator
    off the streets, and keeping YOUR kids safe.

    Pray for this woman, and her kids, and donate to her defense fund!

  7. I was sexually abuse at a young age. I wished my mother and father fought like hell against my abuser, but they didn’t. Even after I told my parents, they did NOTHING. I applaud this woman and will donate weekly to her defense fund!

  8. […] yesterday we reported the story about the 27-year-old mother who nearly killed her two sons’ football coach aft… It’s wonderful that the media has been exposing sexual predators more than ever before, but […]

  9. Kudos to you mom.!!Love you, you showed the world not to mess with your children, an if so what the outcome would be,Mother of the year.

  10. Good for the mother

  11. I think we all should come together and help this young lady financially with her legal fees. I would much rather contribute to her defense than to scumbag george zimmerman. I have always said that there is no reason why anyone should do harm to another person. I was wrong.

  12. I promise to all of my children and grandchildren if that happens to them I’m doing the same thing. This crap is going on too much. they think about that A_s Kicking they got will make them do a double take before they do it again. That is if he is able to walk again. I’m breaking knee caps and elbows !

  13. […] recently reported the story about the 27-year-old mother who nearly killed her two sons’ football coach aft… It’s wonderful that the media has been exposing s*xual predators more than ever before, but […]

  14. I’d have beat his ass with my 9mm! and it’s a shame that someone stopped her… Maybe that was good in a way her babies need her not to be in jail for murder. The police would never have gotten to him at all! “People” and I use the word very loosely, that do these things should be DEAD! If one ever touched mine it be a race between me, his daddy, and his big brother to get to that azz

  15. You did alright,i would have done more

  16. The courts let these monsters off to easy he lucky she didnt kill him his body will heel in a few weeks the children he hurt will always live with painfull memory’s

  17. Kudoz for mom she did the right thing.

  18. I give her the upmost respect, I would of done the samething. She does not belong in jail…

  19. I would have done the same thing. My sisters were sexually abused as children and I agree with the mother…if she doesn’t protect her kids then who will! Cops? Forget about it…they come “evaluate” the circumstances and then you don’t hear from them for 3 months until its time for a “follow up”. I hope he suffers. I am in support 100% of doing whatever it takes to protect your children.

  20. I as a single mother of two.. 1 and 4… I would have done the same thing! My kids DONORS are not in my kids life, and all they have is me, so I will PROTECT MY BABIES AND KILL for them too! We all we got is each other & nothing or no one gone change that. *FreeTheLady*

  21. Way to go protect your babies, he won’t touch another one! Shouldve bust a cap in his ass my hat is off to her, she should not have been arrested, the cop probably would have done the same thing

  22. i would have did the same thing that why my grand kid can go without me

  23. Yooooooooooo… I would have did the same thing! Period, point blank!

  24. What if he was innocent? Until proven guilty.

    • If he was innocent the children would not have disclosed what they did to mom. People MUST start thinking logically. It is the most difficult thing for a child to disclose se***l abuse and when they do, believe them. Statistics show 98% of disclosures are truthful and 2% are not. The time has come that people know the system is not in favor of protecting children, nor do predators get any real punishment. THe reality is a child molester will molest over 100 children in their lifetime, 100 per single molester. Those numbers which are low as some studies show 1-148, should scream louder than this man as he was trying to apologize. We have a right to protect our own and if the system continues to fail these child victims, I think more parents are going to take the law into their own hands, for their children’s sake. Sad but true.

  25. I would of HELPED HER!!

  26. I wish I could post her bond so she could do it again until she killed him!

  27. That will teach him to mess with our children. She can always plead temporary insanity.

  28. The police kill me. You get arrested if you don’t protect your kids and you get arrested if you do. I would have killed that

  29. I applaud this mom who looked after her children.The courts are not always there to help put these freaks away.People now have to take a stand against child abusers.too many of them walking away from what they have done.I hope she gave him 40 whacks,then realized what she had done given him another 41.let her go,she only did what the law should have done.Loa has spoken.

  30. At least she didn’t have a gun. Why would the boys lie about that? I would have lost it myself.

  31. she should have killed his ass!!!!!!

  32. I wouldn’t recommend what she did, but I understand it. I am glad that she didn’t kill him because she would be in prison and her kids would not have her around for protection.

    We can’t allow rage to take over or otherwise we would end up as bad as this guy with our lives and that of our loves in ruins.

    So glad that she isn’t a murderer!

    I will pray that she get off with just a warning. However, he can still file a civil suit.

    Praying for her and the kids.

  33. I would have done the exact same thing or even worse to the bastard that would touch MY KIDS.. Go Mom!!!! Kuddos for protecting youre babies.

  34. You go girl, I wish my parents had done that for me, way back when I was 4 at the time. and to top it off your getting therapy for your Boys, therapy I never got. It’s the best thing you can do for them. An experience like that is very tramatic, going to court is very tramatic. I pray that they can live a normal life after this, and I pray that the courts are lienient on you, there needs to be more moms out there like you. What you did was show love to those boys to the extent of sacrificing your own freedom. Be Blessed my sister. Your in my Prayers.

  35. When u get wrong the police beat u with billy clubs its the same difference. ..She should have been giving a medal!



  37. @ Charles Thoms a “REAL” mother wouldnt go to jail????? how the fk do u kno wut a real mother wud do. u dam sure dont fit th bill. n if u had any common sense u wud kno tht a “REAL” mother wud deffinately go to jail over her chilren. sounds to me like your almost defending tht pervert n its probably caus u r one of them. n FYI a “REAL” mother wud not only go to jail but a whole lot more like KILL someone or me myself wud prefer TORTURING the bastard who lays a hand on any one of my kids. i mean a slowwwww n tortureous death. fk th stupid ass laws wen it coms to molestation n rape of anyone let alone a CHILD.

  38. She reacted like any caring mother would. No, she couldn’t take the pain away from her babies but she sure as Hell could give him a taste of his own medicine. It’s sad our children can’t look up to anyone these days. The devil is all around. I pray for first of all peace and healing for the children but last but not least, for this loving mother who only acted out on her babies hurting. God bless this family.

  39. Lets hope that he learned his lesson….I support why she did it.

  40. She did right, I would have done the same thing. And I would be prepared to do it again if somebody else messes with my babies.

  41. That’s goody for his perverted ass….I probably would’ve put his chomo ass to sleep!! #FuckWhiDntLikeIt A mothers job is to protect her children!! Nothing more, nothing less I have absolutely no sympathy for ppl that hurt & prey on underage children!! We should advocate more for the victims & prosecute the perpetrators to the fullest extend of the law & in my eyes that still want be enough!!!

  42. I have 8 and 9 year old sons too and would totally do the same thing! I tried to donate to her defense fund by clicking on the link but couldn’t. I would like to do more to support this Mother. Is there any more info on how we can support?

  43. It takes a lot of self restraint to not do anything to the pervert that takes their child innocence. I don’t think that she should be jailed or any of the like.
    Her boys and her need counseling to be able to cope with this but I KNOW I WOULD OF WORKED WITH MY MOUTH SHUT AND MY EYES WIDE OPEN….

  44. parents need to take responsibility too and stop thinking bc its the coach i can go to happy hour or to the mall while the kids are at practice. see i am nosy and i aint going no where or some of the other parents where were they. trust me i am not against her bc i would have done the same thing if not more. my grandma use to tell me before i even had kids “honey a kid can change your life like a blink of an eye” she said never let your kids spend the night no where not even family and watch every body with your children. never trust ppl bc they are grown. i see what she mean now. and women are doing it now too. so sorry for her boys and her and hope they get the counseling they need.

    • I agree with you. I never leave my kids at a practice or a party. You never know what kind of crazy is larking behind the scenes.

  45. Let that lady go I would have stabbed that man with a double edge knife were ever I could and have him bleed to death. S he is protecting her children like we are supposed to do.

  46. Glad she beat his ass. I would have helped her if I was there.

  47. I am a mother of a 9 year boy, and I understand how she feels. But what if she had killed him and she would have been in jail herself, leaving her children motherless and that would not have solved her issue.

    And, you have to take the time to deem whether or not it is true, before you take such drastic measures. And if you decide to do something like that, then you must be prepared to deal with consequences. We cannot live in a world where people determine someones fate. If we all decided to retaliate against our aggressors we would live in a world of completed anarchy. But I understand how she felt and why she feels justified. She should have allowed the law to do their jobs and if they did not, then beat his head in with that baseball bat…


  49. Although I am against violence .I believe that i would do exactly the same as she did if not worst.Man have got to understand that children are god’s little angels and are not to be messed with.hands off.or you may be next.God bless this mom and hope she gets out scott free.

  50. So we’re clear, 99% of you are saying 1) Go to jail for an allegation (since there hasn’t even been a formal conversation just yet) and abandon your kids to the system or relative where Lord knows what will happen to them while you’re locked up and 2) for all you, “Christians,” it’s okay to take judgement into your own hands despite the bible clearly stating otherwise? I get all the emotion, I’m a father of 2 girls, but sometimes we need to do less talking and more thinking. How many of you who overtly agree with her action took time to contribute to the fund for her legal fees? Oh I get it, just a bunch of talk.

    • I wish I could but the link says it is currently in draft mode and unavailable to the public. I am not all talk. Let something like this happen to one or both of your daughters and I think you would change your tune. I am a survivor or child sexual assault and I would do the same thing if anyone were to hurt my boys. The legal system does not do justice for this type of crime. I have seen it personally. My attacker is out free after spending 10 years in jail being fed and clothed in a protected wing of the jail. He was given special services. I am the one who is stuck serving a life sentence. Just because I am free doesn’t mean I am truly free.

  51. Is it just me or does allegedly mean it hasn’t been proven yet. She should have made sure it happened before she just went off like that for the simple reason that it only takes one mistake before you realize, you fuck up and came take it back. If you really love your kids, don’t go to jail. If you get locked up, you can’t protection them. No one besides God is going to do what you do for your kids.

  52. I would have done the same! That’s good for his nasty azz! That’s why I talk to my kids all the time about this very thing, constantly telling them No One touches u on your privates or your face and lips. Telling her if that ever happens you talk to mommy immediately and you will not get mommy mad! They need to drop the charges!

  53. So no due process? Just kill them. No trial, no investigation, just on a kid’s story? Really?

    • A good mother knows her kids. I know if my kids said their coach touched them where he shouldn’t I would believe them. If your child tells you something like that and do not act and believe them it is like you are making them feel like it was their fault and they are worthless. There are too many parents who do not act when their kids say something like this and then they wonder why their kids are drinking, and doing drugs.


  55. For those who think the justice system will get you justice, think again. The child molester gets a small chunk of time in jail in a special needs area for sex offenders with special services like therapy and programs. The VICTIM is sentenced to a lifetime of pain and forced to carry that baggage wherever he/she goes. Does that seem like justice.

    I would have killed that piece of garbage. I was a victim and my attacker was protected by the law. Me, where was my protection? I understand what those boys r going through. I have 3 boys and if anyone were to touch them wrong you would see my story saying I was arrested for MURDER.

  56. Whats that quote from the movie enough ” u have a divine animal right to protect u and your offspring

  57. Would have done the exact same thing……the shame in it is that she will probably get more time for the beating then he would for being a pedaphial……victim has no rights just the criminals do!!!!!!!


  59. Pice of shit he woul be killed

  60. She only did what was natural, even animals protect their young!!! I still did not read where he will be prosecuted for his crimes. Give the mom probation and a key to the city, send coach to prison where him and big bubba can be roommates.

  61. he got off lucky cuz I would’ve killed his ass dead n she Wright if she don’t protect dem who will
    ! nobody dat wat mom are for!!

  62. I would’ve not of gave her the bat i would’ve had my own I’ve been that victim i was 6 now i have 4 kids and dare somebody to touch mine they won’t need a lawyer they’ll need a feeding and oxygen tube!!!

  63. Instead of arresting her they should give her a medal.

  64. how do we donate to the poor woman and her children?

  65. I’m sorry he will be an unsolved case. Plan & simple… l like to take road trips by the time they find all of him I will be too old to prosecute or dead.

  66. My hat goes off to her and they need to let her go home to her kids because he scarred them for life!
    They are going to need family and a lot of therapy for what he did..That is not all he is gonna get, when he goes to jail I hope they beat his was and do to him what he did to those boys!!!! God bless her and all the kids who suffered at the hand of that horrible man….

  67. Let that woman go i got kids and grandkids she shouldve did more then bust his head to the white meat that molesting hoe should be dead its hard to recover from some shit like dat and sometimes you become a molester yourself when you get done like that i will be prayin for this family let her go

  68. Yep. Id do the time. Bet he won’t touch another kid! I know that! He still has more running away to do if he touched some more children! She shouldn’t be punished for anything! He should be beaten and taken to jail so them dudes can show him how violating someone feels! Mmhmm.

  69. I post daily against socialism and particularly against abuses and Sharia Law …while our legal system is flawed it was established to be just and not abusive in itself. Having said that…I would have beat the piss out of him and if on a jury..would NEVER convict her.

  70. If I was with this mother, I would have helped her stomp the shit out of him.I support her actions 100%

  71. I wouldve beat his dick in wit that bat…. his hand I wouldve dismembered that mutha and knocked his teeth and his brains out with that bat…. im a mother of three girls and I get ugly when it comes to them

  72. if this really happened the way its told, then i can bet that he will never touch another child again …… well most likely never a black child.

  73. I have always said i will go to jail and hell behind my baby, hes 10, autistic, and im his protection against this wicked world. This is a rough hour that we live in and the enemy wants our children just like he wants our grown souls, so i say Bravo to the momma and the law wasnt gonna do nothing but give him a few months and let him back on the streets and he may or may not register as a sex offender and will just be hurting someone elses kids so thats good for that perv- he wont mess with anyone else!

  74. What would I do….bronze her bat & give her a parade



  77. She did right cause I have Girls..an if someone touch them yall gone see my face on here too.

  78. Unlike her I would have killed him. Any person who harm a child should not be on this earth.

  79. She reacted as any mother would do for her children.I don’t blame her and my prayers go out to her and her sons and as for him I hope he gets thrown in jail and get molested double for every kid that he molested.Sad thing is he may enjoy it sick perverted devil.Charles Thomas get your life because you sound retarded,a real mother will not only go to jail but die for her children if she has to.Im a real mother and if anybody touches or hurts mine in this manner life as they know it will be over no if and or but about it!!

  80. Lucky she did tha rite thing cause these coaches pray on kids,but if it was me,boiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  81. She did what I would do if someone hurt my children like that. It hurts you knowing that your child has lost their innocence do to a pervert that should really be 6 feet under. It makes me so mad just thinkin about someone doing that. I kno the law but whn it comes to children the law sometimes just don’t wrk fast enough. Or u don’t get the justice u want to give those perverts

  82. yea i would do the same damn thing but i would be beating his hands and junk not his head so he could never touch another kid again! Him touching kids he would have gotten 6mo-1yr but beaten him she probaly will get a hell of a lot longer, shows you where they care about things more. Child rapist molesters will NEVER change but they get 3 strikes before they are put away for good. But we put people in jail for a lot less ITS SICK! You touch a kid you should be locked up FOREVER!!!

  83. I have kids.
    I know it’s hard to deal with this.
    But where GOD be on that.
    Why not give him to police make justice.
    Why kill.
    Now her kids lost a mom.
    She try protect her kids. But she make her kids life way more bad.
    They don’t go have her mom.
    So like she say ‘ who go protect they ‘
    And I ask now. Who go protect they. ( her from jail )
    Ppl have to think to not make they kids life bad.

  84. I support her 110%, he probably wouldn’t be living if it was me. Temporary insanity is what happened. It is our job and responsibility to protect them…

  85. this woman should be free i would of beat him to

  86. i have 4 boys too, if that was my case had done the same thing and grave his u know what and pull it so hard to let him feel what a hurt, angry crazy mom feels when they mess with one of our most precious in our life. i didnt know is a crime to protect our kids from predators like that coach… she needs to be free and put that bastard behind bars. FREE MRS. RICHMOND. FREE HER FREE HER

  87. i give you a standing ovation! Maybe if punishments were harsher they would think twice! GOOD FOR YOU, YOUR MY HERO!


  89. Just like the movie with Samuel Jackson. A Time To Kill…. sitting behind isnt justice enough for me when it comes to my children being violated in the most sick way.. Kudos mom for your courage and your bat……. no justice like my justice period!!!

  90. Kelvin if you really want God to bless everybody, then go back and erase the part about daddy riding around with his other baby mamma, that really was unnecessary, I’m sure she did teach them to tell, but a preditor can scare a child into keeping their mouth shut. I don’t blame the mom for beating the crap out of him now he’ll think about touching anybodys kid again. He needs to stay in jail but I pray that she will get some help to be sent back
    to her kids, and never think again about what she did to protect her kids.

  91. I always said if anyone ever tried to hurt my child, not even God could protect them from me. Good for her for standing for her children. Anyone who could do that to a child does not deserve to live.

  92. If he did it then she should be set free because if they can have guns in schools and bars why then can’t we use what is handy to protect our children.whats the difference

  93. Should have let him go to prison and let the prisoners deal with him. He would not have made it more than a day or two once he was convicted. I can’t say I would not have done the same as her but now there is a chance the children will loose their mother. It’s bad all the way around. Poor kids.

  94. She should have terminated his life with the bat! HOPE FULLY they wont send her to jail like they did the other lady!

  95. Lord God Poor Baby Boy’s violated by a grown man that is consider rape and I Pray for Justice ! And Peace for Mom To get out what a heroic thing to do but we Pray for. No words but just for the young lady to come out safe , but The Bible Say Avengen is mines say the Lord Of Host so now we hope she gets off for a crime of passion And God Will Have Mercy Amen Diva Blessings World Wide , I feel the pain for everyone one but game on and now we all must Pray for the babies and Pray for society that this too will Pass in the Name Of Jesus. ! I know that God can and will and FYI I Conqure with you all Lord Please In The Name Of. JESUS Bless This For The Greater Good AMEN

  96. I would have done more then beat him..He would have been 6 ft under…She did what a mother is soppost to

  97. From one mother to another I understand what she did and I applaude her for defending not just her children but the rest of the kids too. Mommy hold your head up high cause God is going to see you through. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all the way from South Carolina

  98. I understand why everyone is upset I would be too.. But there is a reason we have laws .. This incident is going to follow her and as u can see everyone is not understanding to he situation.. I completely understand her thoughts and feelings but u just can go Around getting justice on your own .. I from Chicago trust me that shit don’t work it just makes it worse

  99. Karmas a bitch he deserved to feel the pain that her sons felt he may be scarred physically but her boys are scarred mentally

  100. She should have killed him… He stripped her kids innocence, its to many grown men he could have fucked… Sick Bastard. I would have done the same if not more bout my kids. Free her from Jail.

  101. She should have called me, I would have brought my slugger. Mom black out when it comes to their kids. I feel she was justified. Let Mommy out of jail!!! Free Mommy!!!

  102. I have a sharp knife for skinning and a box of rock salt.

  103. This women did nothing wrong.i would of done the same exact thing..these pervs never get the punishment they deserve for destroying a childs life.lord knows if he had been arrested he wouldnt have gotten any jail time for this smh…#streetjustice

  104. People PLEASE don’t use this tragic violation of 2 innocent children as a forum to air your ignorant, uneducated racist views. This story is NOT about what race the victims were but about whether or not the mother was within her rights to respond as she did … & I say absolutely. Many parents would react the same w/out even being aware of what they were doing. It is instinct in even the most primitive cultures for the mother to do whatever is neccessary to protect her young.

  105. FYI, I think 99% of al these ignorant, uneducated racist People Getting on here saying they would do this and do that are totally STUPID for getting on here and voicing their OWN OPINIONS. You don’t know how or what you would do until you are/were in this type of circumstances, AS THEY SAY “TWO WRONGS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT” Let God deal with him if he is guilty of this “sins”. Remember what Jesus said “he who has no sin cast the first stone” well get with it, THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE WITHOUT SINS JUDGE HIM AND HER.” SHE SHOULD GET JAIL TIME TOO FOR BEATING HIM AS SEVERLY AS SHE DID. I CAN SAY THESE THING BECAUSE I have been in the same issue with my kids. let the Justice System deal with those who are GUILTY !!! YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT I HAVE SAID THEN GET ON YOUR KNEES AND PRAY FOR ALL OF US !!!

  106. Yes TRUE HERO! I remember there was this woman named ELLIE NESTLER in California this man RAPED her son and while on trial he SMILED at the mother as to say he was gonna get off, the next day in court when he smiled like that again Mrs. NESTLER got up from her seat and walked towards him and SHOT THAT FOOL IN THE HEAD behind her son! So hats off to this MOM for beating his ass KEEP YO HAND OFF THE KIDS PERIOD!!!!!

  107. Ms. Richmond,
    In my opinion you fid the right action. I undestand your children’s situation. When I was 6 or 9 I too was sexual abused in worse case tgan others. I too wanted to take revwbge either on the psycho personbut failef at the attempt with my action to get rid of him fir good. I too failedvat killing myself. I am glad I am still here cause I too have 2 handsime boys and a wonderful husband whi truely. loves me. I am still trying to protect others by my force not so much forceactions. you should not go to jail for protecting your children. Please do not let them lead a destructive life let them kbowcalways of protecting and loving them.

  108. Love love love this Momma!!! Hats off to ya

  109. I bet he won’t do it again (LOL) This mom is awesome! who needs a judge to let him off…Let the parents do their job and protect their kids!

  110. This would b good on video did anybody tape as a lesson study child molester sick people in this world
    god bless the children Aman .*BOOMSIZZLE* Satan get behind me you devil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Love the kids Satan get behind me you devil.*BOOMSIZZLE*

  112. I applaud that woman. If the United States would take care of things like this woman did, we would not need so many lawyers, Police and jails. She should get an award and a key to the city. I applaud her. I am not a violent person, but put yourself in her shoes. That moron of a coach could take those boys innocence and she did the whoop ass on him. I feel if he lives, then the courts should do another life sentence whoop ass on him. We are to easy on these predators. Lucky it was not me. I am sure he would have been dead, and I would have been in prison. It is a shame we cannot protect our own children, or families. The damn perps and pervs have more rights than we do. Hope the hell he dies.

  113. Vigilanty My A_ _ !!!!!! She was like them Moms from back in the day……just blank out when it come to them kids…..


  115. She’s a real mom! I would have picked him up and pushed him back to her!! NOBODY had that right to
    Hurt a baby like that!!

  116. See that is why the system is f ‘d up!! All she did was protect her children and there is nothing wrong with that!! She did what she had to do and all I got to say is go head! Lucky she didn’t kill the motherf**ka…I know for damn sure I would have been charged for murder! ! It is so hard to protect our children for these nasty ppl. God bless u girl, all my prayers for them to drop the charges on u for being a wonderful mother!!

  117. I would have done the same or maybe even worse, but I worry that the man was not the victom of malicious intent from the children. Coaches can be un-liked for various reasons, it would be terrible if he was unfairly targeted because these children didn’t like him for whatever reason. Wouldn’t it be awful if those children said that not realizing what Mommy would do? Did such behaviour exhibit itself with other children? I’ve seen how a story can get spread and Kid’s go along with the story not understanding the severe nature of the outcome. Let’s just hope that these kid’s were not falsely accusing this man. It would be awful if this was the case. Otherwise, he is lucky that it didn’t happen in my town for I fear an actual “POSSE” would have been formed and a baseball bat would be the least of his worries.

  118. Hey i feel u on this ms.richmond i would have done the same i have three daughters and i will die procter them from this sick o in the world my prayers gose out to u and ur boys and all the others kids

  119. What if the little hood rats are lying. Anyone think of that?

    • They are’nt he did it and I hope he has permanent injuries that last until both boys are old and gray watching their own grandchildren play.

    • OMG, how could you call these children names? That is not right.


    • It looks like these people are as clueless as the mother. The man had been a coach for a while and there is NO evidence that he had ever done anything like this. He has denied these claims and I think he should get just as much benefit of the doubt as this mother. Contrary to popular belief, children WILL lie if they have a motive. These children likely knew what to tell their mother to set her off. and it worked. There is no justification for taking the law into your own hands. What are the courts for if we can’t use them. He should sue her and he’s probably got a good case but she likely doesn’t have to nickels to rub together (considering the way she reacted). If they find no evidence that this “molestation” occurred, she should be charged with aggravated assault. That’s what I think…

  120. I feel like if more parents just taking the initiative like her and deal with them first, the would be rapist and molesters would think twice about it. Also, I feel the police departments would put more efforts into narrowing down how these offenders are. He is luck its only her. In my family, it would take an entire police department to get us off of him, by then he would be scattered pieces on the parking lot floor.

  121. Great mom! !! Cuz i wouldn’t have waited fo no cops i hit first n ask questions later if he would still b alive..

  122. I would have done the same thing!!

  123. You will not get any mother on this planet to sympathize with this situation. He was running away first off. Now her method may have been
    a bit drab. However !!!!!!!. Every one should see the movie Django. There are a few scene’s in the movie by Quentin Tarentino that speak of
    just what this woman did. Mother’s and father’s and people who truly love kids are tired of these molester’s getting away with doing bad things to children, and all the “law does is give them a slap on the hand” have them go to some stupid counseling, then make the register as a sex offender and that’s the end of it. Not to be racial bias, but
    Black mother’s and maybe some other race of mom’s will beat the Dog Crap out of you when it comes to someone hurting their children. Mom’s just snap and it’s your behind. Taking the Law into your own hands is a misnomer. There should be a dead or alive bounty on sex offender’s. That would send them to a more enlighten part of this globe that does not allow this kind of lawlessness. In other countries you die for this kind of stupid mess.
    Rent of buy the movie “Django” and watch.

  124. Some people might say that what she did was wrong and I can bet that those would be that same people that would blame her for not noticing that it was happening to her children if she hadn’t. My kid’s are grown but I can promise you that if something like this were to happen to one of my Grand Children the bastard better pray that God show him mercy because I sure in the hell won’t. I for one would be willing to post bail for this mother and I would also shake her hand and lend her any support that I could.

    • I would help you come up with the bail money.

  125. I work in a unit with these same type of animals. They get three meals a day, a warm bed, TV, and top medical and psych care as well as a good education. And they come back and forth each time harming another child. I hope she gets off and she should not serve a minute in jail. GOOD FOR HER BECAUSE OUR SYSTEM IS DOING A SUCK ASS JOB AT PROTECTING THE CHILDREN. But they take GREAT care of these animals…

  126. I agree that a parent have a right to protect their children.,i beleive this story should be known. Nation wide and get media attention. This mother of two did what any other parent would have done. It is sad now the two boys does not have their mother. I pray to God that he have favor on this mother and family. God knows

  127. I have been reading the comments, and I have to say this: 1) NOT a black and white issue 2) This is an issue of an EVIL MAN who has hurt at least two children and I wish I could have been there because I would have helped her! 3) This is about a loving parent PROTECTING her children enough said! She is doing what all parents are supposed to do, PROTECT there children. WAY TO GO MOM!!!!!!

  128. My 6 yr old daughter was abused by her teenage step brother… The police did nothing, DSS and CPS told me it had to be the “caregiver” giving the abuse. The courts would not help me so if there is a next time… I’m coming fuck the police I will happily take any punishment for the safety of my child… The most fucked up thing is I still have to send her over there per the custody order… If anyone can help me legally let me know or that little fucker can get a bat the the dome too

  129. sexual abuse knows no race or sex…all walks of society has to deal with this ugly behavior…i’m white and had to save my year old grandson from his mother who we adopted through foster care…she was sexually abused by both her parents, family and friends and no amount of professional help could help or prevent her from doing the same to her child…this is sick behavior and i will support it in no way…i believe anyone who violates someone’s human rights should be void of having any rights protected for them…i would have done the same thing and gladly served time for my actions.

  130. I feel reallg bad for those little boys, there inocents are gone, so is there morher, let her free!!!! Its very important to have her with them. Oh btw..
    Nice, Mug shot

  131. As a little league coach this man is a horrible human being, but why were little kids alone with him? I never let my children go to practice alone even my 13 year old! I do not even have the parents of the kids I coach just drop them off.

  132. Awesome mother! Glad she did it! I would have done the same

  133. When we let things happen we are negligent and CPS gets involved! When we take action we are again crazy or ghetto and then arrested!
    I applaud the mother that would die for her children it lets you know she loves her children enough to protect them before thinking of herself!
    Parents are super Hero’s and she proved to her children they can count on her!!

  134. When we let things happen we are negligent and CPS gets involved! When we take action we are again crazy or ghetto and then arrested!
    I applaud the mother that would die for her children it lets you know she loves her children enough to protect them before thinking of herself!
    Parents are super Hero’s and she proved to her children they can count on her!!

  135. It’s a terrible crime to hurt a child in ANY way! It’s absurd and cruel to pick on the defenseless and I believe it’s a mother’s right to protect and defend her child any way she can. These poor children will have to live with this the rest of their lives…..You keep swinging girl!!!!

  136. Man let her go I would have did the same thing also it crazy let that lady go she was just protecting for kids that’s what a woman should do. I don’t think she did anythin wrong but kick his ass

  137. I really don’t believe in the justice system and specially regarding our black males. I can only say the feelings that these two young boys have to carry with them for the rest of their lives. The question I would like to ask what if she had killed the coach, were would the boys be? Motherless
    Then everyone loses. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the family.

    Mothers protect your children…….

  138. A mother that lives her children will do whatever is necessary to protect them and then suffer the consequences later…. As for me….yeah I would have done the same… In other words whooped that Ass until the white meat showed …
    Praying and thanking God that I didn’t have to travel down that road.

  139. He’s lucky is was her that got to him and not me! If it were me and mine I wouldn’t have let him survive

  140. Way to go mom

  141. I would do same shit but proably worse like cut his penis off n shove it up his ass then stuff it n his mouth

  142. Is wondering is the picture of her the mugshot ?? I mean kudos to her for protecting her babies but I this is the mugshot I’m thinking she’s just a tad bit crazy .. She’s got that crazy smile on .. Then again if somebody touched my boy I’m laying a beats own on there A$$es just like she did and would be smiling afterwards also… Good job momma bear !!

  143. Put her in front of a jury of parents….she’ll get off with no charges. She’s a hero in my book!!

  144. The only problem with most of these kudos for the mother is that if she is in jail for this…who is around now to watch out for her two boys. They could be placed in the system with even more abuse. Yes a Mom needs to protect her children and one of those ways is stopping and thinking about what is best for her children. Stop and Think instead of reacting and making things worse.

  145. Ms Richmond, you’re my hero! Sure, we can say we’d do that and more, but you actually did it! We all need to be this protective of our children. The government hasn’t proven to be effective with punishments! He should be castrated as well!

  146. She deserves to be with those children n he’s lucky it was her n her bat n not me with my gun I would kill someone if they touched my babies I would make sure no other children suffered by the hands of that one again . U go lady I agree n support u all the way

  147. Let the Sister go!…Parents need to take the matter in their hands to protect their kids…That seems the only way this perverted intrusion will end. The do nothing gov’t and police force has allowed this matter to escalate… it’s time to do what the Bible’s says…”stone them with stones.” I applaud the Sister… CLAP!!! CLAP!!!

  148. Good to see everyone is not sleeping… She’s in jail. Where is the molester??? Parents need to stop leaving leaving their kids with monsters. Good she examined them/questioned them. Who is a monster, pervert or devil? Everyone, when it comes to my kids,until proven innocent. This is a good parent. God bless and help her and kids in this backward generation…and from this backward and filthy gov’t that promotes perversion, putting its stamp of approval on it.

    • I can’t believe she was arrested. If I was a mother and this was my child I would have done the same thing. I am a very protective person and this woman shouldn’t be in jail for taking the law into her hand. Now, I’m not saying we should all do this, but when the sake of your child’s safety is at risk, then I say do whatever it takes, especially when the child or children are so young.

  149. If it was one of my children I would of done the samething. Dont worrie about the judge in the courtroom only GOD can judge you. And in his eyes she was pertecting the blessings that he blessed her with her kids.WHAT REAL MOM DONT DO THAT…………FREE HER she did nothing wrong he was wrong for molesting her boys ….a coach how many more boys life he destroyed.

  150. Great mom. Good for her. But let’s be clear, this article is filled with victim-blaming antics.

    “there is a broad, untold story about young men who are abused by so-called “male mentors” when their single mothers aren’t looking.”

    Reframe this as “young men are abused because older men choose to abuse them.” “Aren’t looking” implies purposeful negligence. Further, the same people who frame the experience this way would quickly stereotype the mother if there was not a male role model around. Focus on WHY men choose mothers who are stretched thin in time, income, support systems and more versus pretending that them being busy is the only reason why men abuse.

    “Mothers must be diligent in protecting their children before-the-fact, since most kids aren’t going to say a word about abuse until they are cursing your name 20 years down the road.”

    These mothers ARE diligent. Many children of TWO PARENT HIGH INCOME HOMES who are always portrayed as “diligent” are still sexually


  151. This woman did nothing wrong!!! I’m a mother of a 17 month old boy and if he ever told me that a man black or white did anything like this to him I’d would do more than hit the horrible man with a bat I’d torture him… Make him feel the pain that the boy felt.. In all honesty I think that this woman did exactly what any other decent mother would do!!

  152. There are laws in this country for a reason. Just because someone says someone did something, doesn’t make it true. The people who make the ignorant violent comments here are acting no better than the person they are condemning.

  153. Wow, really? You’re really blaming her for her kids being abused by their sports coach? How dare you!

  154. if everyone took the law into their own hands then we would be in the most hideous awful mess…thats why we have a legal system, so that we dont all end up half killing each other every second day. There are quite a few countries where the legal system is no good, and you end up with hideous horrible vendettas, very very unsafe, and who knows how it started and where it is going to finish…the violence and hate begin somewhere adn then just keep going and spiralling out in widening circles. You can see it in young kids, he did this, she did that, bigger bigger bigger.
    Thats why we have words. We use words. We use our brains. We stop that hurt and bad right in its tracks adn don’t let it go any further. We twist and turn the bad and uselessness of the hurt into something productive.
    She did an excellent job of turning her anger into protection and retribution for her kids, but her expression of that was way off. You CAN’T go around hitting people who hurt you or those who you love. It just ends up getting worse. It spreads the violence and hate further. She could have yelled and screamed, and grabbed every passer-by and everythign she could think of to help her prevent him getting away, and helping her kids, and letting the club know how to prevent it in future, and raising awareness of how big a problem this is…there are SO many ways you can fight back, adn express anger, that are productive and postive and fix things, for yourself and others who are hurt by such crimes.

  155. YOU GO GIRL! It’s just too bad she didn’t have a pair of dull rusty scissors handy too; she could have snipped off his weapon and saved us all a lot of future worry about him repeating his offense…and some tax dollars too 😉

  156. I’m shocked how many in here approve this violent act of taking the law into one’s own hands.
    I guess your nation has a long history of such behavior. All the Ronald Reagan B-movies and other westerns kind of shove it down the throats.

    As disgusting as his acts might have been it’s as disgusting act to beat a person near to death with a baseball bat.

    They both belong to jail. And both for same reason; not being able to control their impulses.

    • THANK YOU!!! I was just about to lose my faith in humanity!

  157. I like this woman. She is smiling because she ensured her sons safety. I hope she doesn’t go to jail. The police should just arrest Red for his sick crime while Richmond helps her sons recover. This is a very traumatizing event for her boys (and perhaps other children, too!) and what they need right now is some help. I am damn proud of Richmond for doing what was right. It might not have been legal, but it was right. She shouldn’t be convicted of charges and Red should serve time in jail (perhaps any money he has left not to mention his paycheck should go towards the families of the victims for psychological help)

  158. How dare any of you make race apart of this. This is woman, a person, protecting her own. Regardless of race, you better damn well respect courage like that.

  159. Of they do end up pursuing criminal charges against her (which I think they should NOT), I hope she requests a trial. No fucking way any jury will convict her!!!
    I’m proud of this mama! Even though her boys may be messed up from the abuse, they won’t be living in fear of that fucker b/c they know that,mot only were they believed, but that their mama can, will, and did fuck him all up!!!

  160. and why is she in Jail? she didn’t Kill him!

  161. she did the same as i would do if somebody did that to my kids the only thing diffrent he wouldnt have survive!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. Moms, have enough to do taking care of a family, being single and having boys does not make it any easier. My thoughts why you say you did not do it, then say your sorry. Beat him down!


  164. Ok I am all for what she did but then stop. Where are her kids now one possibly both of them has been molested amd now the one person who is suposed to make it better is in jail. She should not have done th at. Granted I would wanna do.the same and I am all for a mom beat down but she is in jail now


  166. Motherly instinct….I would’ve done the same thing.

  167. A petition needs to be started to beg the and judge to drop charges against her. Anyone know how to do this?

  168. Never say what you wouldn’t do until you walk in someone else’s shoes…If you are parents commenting on this you already know if someone touches or abuse your child, what you are going to do? Who knows some would call the police but most of us would beat the crap out of them…now for the people on this post that doesn’t have any kids think if your little brother or sister was being molester or your mother was being raped…what would you do…when it comes to coaches, mentors, pastors, scout leaders and teachers we EXPECT them to not only teach but to protect our children. Now when these role models fail…it hurts us cause we trusted them to do right by our love ones…a stranger on the street yeah! But role models we feel betrayed and want them to feel the pain we feel and our children feel.

  169. He luck she had a bat cause I have a nine and I would have killed him

  170. Ok for all the know-it-alls, pedophiles don’t normally get blended in with the general population. They’re usually in a separate block and they supposedly receive “treatment” before being release in too short of a time. And most of them repeat the offense again. They just start fresh someplace else. And I’ll tell you something else….they’re on Facebook. Facebook prohibits any convicted rapist/sex offenders/pedophiles from having an account. But guess what? They’re still there. And the admins don’t know unless someone knows of their convictions and reports it. I get email alerts sent to me every time a sex offender is released within a 3 mile radius of my home. I’ve looked up a few of those names and what do ya know, at least 5 (so far) have Facebook accounts. I reported the ones I’ve found (so far). Going back to what I was in the beginning, that man would not have received any mistreatment in prison that he truly deserves. Sex offenders are usually segregated for their own “protection” so unless another sex offender tears him a new a**hole, he would be locked up with his own kind. In so many words, that young woman did NOTHING wrong in my opinion

    • that’s not always the case….they do have special facilities to house them but a lot of them are put in general population to be taught a lesson…..

  171. put his ass in a place where theres nothing but lifers n see if he likes being molested….sick son of a b..ch……

  172. gd.job ms. Richmond…..free this young mother so she can continue to protect her young

  173. I got a son and to think my son has to live with that the rest of his life. That man will be put down and i wouldn’t think twice about it!

  174. Good job Ms. Richmond, I would have done the same thing, you have to protect your children, if the parent don’t who will. I have a 15 year old daughter and if anything happen to my baby like that I probably would have killed that person, your children are your pride and joy, I would go to ends of the earth for mine. Stay blessed Ms. Richmond there is nothing wrong with what you did.(my opinion)


  176. What she did was illegal. She assaulted him. Whether we like it or not, even he has a right to a trial by jury.

    I’m not saying that I would not have loaned her a bat to do it if she asked, or held him down, perhaps snuck in a few kicks to his ribs myself if I was standing there, or even told the cops that he fell down on his own if they had asked me any questions about the incident.

    I’m just saying legally, she’s wrong.

    Morally, she’s right no time.

  177. I meant she’s right ON time!

  178. Should have killed this Negro Dead as a Mackrel

  179. I would. Have did the same for my boys. Or my daughter but I would. Have killed. Him

  180. I would have done more then that!! I would have killed the bastard!! He should have got arrested so he can no how it feels!! That is a shame let somebody ever touch my child ill kill them right where they stand

  181. Free Ms. Richmond….. I would have done the same thing….

  182. This is what happens when you allow HOMOSEXUALITY to be the order of the day!!! HOMOSEXUALS are PREDATORS and this one preyed on those little boys!!! It’s GOOD she bashed his head in, he deserves to DIE!!! OR at the VERY LEAST he should be castrated!!!

  183. My question is did the ciach go to jailto

  184. She blacked out and thought about her kids, being touch by this man. I have to Pray, because only the Lord, would be able to stop me. She did what she thought was best at that time. If he.didn’t touch them, why was he saying He was sorry. Beat that Ass.


  186. I would KILL FOR MY KIDS free Her

  187. She beat that ass with a bat good for his bitch ass, Mommy protecting her young cubs. She shouldn’t be charged at all.

  188. I had all boys. I have always said if any one ( man or woman) ever touched my child wrong , I would tie them up in my basement on that one big fat round pole, and everyday I would toucher them. When they would try to die on me I would nurse them back to health, and start all over.

  189. Beautiful job mom of sons.

  190. this happened to my sons and the the guy tries to rape my daughter which he had been dping other boys and even his aunt who is younger than he and now has a baby by her and when reported to the police nothing was done but on tune they have and tried to bring up papers charges on my son why this now man is srill walking around and my son now has two fights to fight no justice this is why some black males have all these lables placed on them when are we as people going to see and understand that there is a root to everything and start addressing the root cause of why our children are acting out

  191. She did what any woman with a motherly instinct would do – mess with our children and we turn into lionesses!

  192. @Charles Thomas:
    I totally understand what you’re saying in your FB comment. This guy could be innocent – but I would know when my child is lying to me. Also, the state has the monopoly on physical force and there should be no lynch justice. But that is in an ideal state were the kids would’ve been proetected in the first place.

    Anyway, what seems obvious to me is that you are NOT a father. Believe me, EVERY parent who loves their children would do the exact same thing this women did. She acted NATURALLY. Children are the most precious thing we, as humans, have. If you cross this line and touch them, man made laws simply don’t matter anymore… only law of nature. And this law is telling you TO KILL THIS MOTHERFUCKER, no matter the consequences.
    Personally I would even reanimate this mofo just to kill him again.
    If you’d have kids you would understand!

  193. She was arrested because: 1. You cannot take the law into your own hands; it is can Vigilantism and it is illegal. 2. It is ALLEDGED that the man molested her sons. 3. It is a crime to beat anyone with a baseball bat. REMEMBER people lie, children lie (not defending the man) but that is why we have a judicial system in place to handle allegations, to prove & punish accordingly. She put herself in jail rather than being there for her sons. She could have gone to the police like we are to do. So, if she wanted to take the law into her own hands and assault this man, then she too is no better than the one she assaulted. When you take the law into your own hands, it’s called Vigilantism and you get arrested, simply put. Believe me I understand a parent’s rage when we are TOLD that someone did something to our children, but if we took it into our own hands, we would all be in jail. I’m sorry for what her sons & family are going through but she made it worse. And on the other hand, what about the mother of the man who was reported to have done this, especially if he is innocent, would we want someone to beat our son because of what someone ALLEDGED to have happened rather than let the law handle it? SHE WAS WRONG!!! And to ALL who think and say otherwise: What if it was YOU who were the ALLEDGED one, would you want this enraged mother to come and BEAT YOUR HEAD OPEN, because she was told you ALLEDGEDLY molested her sons.

    • This is not easy for me, in fact, I wasn’t going to say anything until I read your post. My question to you, have you ever been molested? Have you ever had any family member molested? Do you know how scary it is to be molested as a child. Yes, children will lie, but they lie about other things – not being molested. What’s worse is how they’re treated after they’ve drummed up enough courage to tell. Out legal system treat them WORSE than their molester! Trust me, I know…been there, got the t-shirt! Now here’s the kicker, after the police rake you over, then the Child Protective Agency finishes you off by removing the child from their home after they’ve gone through the house with a fine tooth comb trying to find something wrong with the parent – NOT THE MOLESTER!
      For those who think this doesn’t happen in minority communities – think again. Blacks & Latinos have the highest incident according to statistic (yes, I researched it). In fact, it’s been at epidemic proportions for decades, but we sweep it under the rug. Why? because it’s our fathers, uncles, cousins, etc. and we don’t want to air our dirty laundry in public.

      If you’ve never had this happen in you family – count yourself blessed!

  194. I applaud her actions,he deserved it

  195. I am proud of the mother, she stood up for her children and the most important thing she “listened and believed” them and she went to go handle her business. The laws in this country is crazy out in the animal world the female take care of her babies but we get thrown in jail for taking care of our children. It is women out here killing their children which is nonsense and this women has done the right thing. I will keep her and her two sons in my prayers.

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