Source Says Nicki Minaj is the Next Judge for American Idol

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The search for the next American Idol judge continues and rumor has it that Nikki Minaj is very close to signing on as the next American Idol judge, according to an insider close to the Hip-Hop icon.

Some sources are even saying that the deal is 100% sealed. If Minaj signs the deal, she would be joining pop diva Mariah Carey, along with mainstay Randy Jackson.

Minaj and Fox reps have not stated whether this information, leaked to the press, is indeed valid.

Minaj definitely has the credentials that would make her a qualified candidate to steer a young Idol’s career in the right direction. Who better than a quadruple platinum artist with chart topping hits in several countries leading the pack?

Minaj is 29-years old and is already a legendary hip hop artist.  She sets a new standard for women in terms of record sales and opportunities.   But some critics warn that she furthers the expectation that female hip-hop artists are expected to use their sexuality in order to get attention from the industry.  Nicki’s move to pop recently appears to be working, since she is now signing big checks and has sales that are out of this world.  Her mix of urban and pop appeal has made her into an instant icon.

If she does join the ranks, it will be a domination of girl power! Can we say butterflies and pink wigs running wild? Minaj may be what they need to bring the ratings back up to standard for the show.  Have to wonder if she will bring Roman along for the ride.


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  1. She would definitely add some sparkle to the show, but it may be a little too late for the show. They killed themselves with the confederate mentality of the voters who constantly vote off the talented Black talent and leave the so-so White talents to win, who go nowhere with the little or no talent that they have. I kid you not, but it is not the judge’s faulty. The American public is still quite racist despite America having a Black President….

  2. American Idol is just one out of many reality t.v. shows that’s an illusion selling dreams and keeping the public unfocused from real topics…..let alone actually finding good musicians and promoting music. Then you have Nicki Minaj who is an illusion herself and setting a poor example for black women. It is no surprise Fox, American Idol, and Nicki Minaj associate of Lil Wayne are all working together! There goals are the same Money, Money, Money, and the lack of interest in uplifting the progress of the black community.

  3. Nicki Manaj doesn’t really have any talent. to put her on America Idol next to a real talented ICON like Mariah Carey is insult. let’s keep it real, Manaj can’t sing a lick. she probably licks a lot, but she can’t sing a lick. lol. her talent involves prancing around with g-strings in a cage.

  4. Don’t put that clown on American Idol. Put it in a circus and let it turn some tricks. lmao.

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