Usher Held in Contempt of Court

The singer Usher has just been held in contempt of court.  The court apparently felt that Usher’s decision to slice his ex-wife’s Saks Fifth Avenue card was out of line, leading them to put the smack down on the man who might have thought he was above the law.   Usher closed the account last year and the judge has ordered him to re-open the account.

Tameka Raymond and Usher have been in court fighting for custody and money since their nasty divorce last year.  Things were made worse by the death of Tameka’s son Kile.   Tameka had a long list of grievances that she took with her to court.     Tameka claimed that she needed the Saks Fifth Avenue account to do her job as a stylist.

Tameka also claims that Usher owes her money on the nanny bill.  She also said that Usher didn’t keep her in the know about where he took her kids.  Tameka was given $1,300 for the nanny.  This appears to be far from over.





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  1. Outta line — he shudda cut it up…nanny’s something else, although we don’t know whole story…

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