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October 16, 2012

Florida Sets Educational Goals Based on Race: Expectations Lowest for Black Kids

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The state of Florida has caused controversy with new race-based educational standards.  Rather than seeking to pull black students up with the rest of the state, educators are being asked to set lower standards for black students.  This has led to a massive backlash from educators and civil rights advocates, who say that setting such standards is nothing short of ridiculous. Florida has a tattered racial history.  It was the…

Philadelphia Eagles Fire Their Defensive Coordinator

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When the Philadelphia Eagles return from their bye week, they’ll do so with a new defensive coordinator. Head coach Andy Reid announced on Tuesday that Juan Castillo has been dismissed from his duties as defensive coordinator and will be replaced by secondary coach Todd Bowles. “I want to make it clear that I have nothing but the ultimate respect for Juan Castillo as a coach and as a person,” Reid…

What are the Symptoms and Signs of Breast Cancer?

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You hear study after study telling you that black women are more likely than others to get breast cancer.  This is no reason to be fearful, but is enough cause to be prepared and informed.  We know about looking for lumps, but what are some other signs of breast cancer? “Your mammogram is suspicious for breast cancer.” “Your biopsy was positive for breast cancer.” These are among the most terrifying words a woman…

Hillary Clinton Protecting Obama? She Takes Responsibility for Libyan Attack

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In an election year, everyone wants to take the heat off of their leader.  In this case, some are saying that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is standing for her man, President Barack Obama, by taking responsibility for a recent attack in Libya.  Whether Clinton is the one who is truly responsible or not is a mystery for some, but the point remains that Mrs. Clinton isn’t going to let…

Donald Trump Says Yankees Star Is Only Great Because of Drugs

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It’s funny how money can change our opinions so quickly.  Donald Trump was once a good buddy to Alex Rodriquez, of the New York Yankees.  He was making gobs of cash from him when he was a tenant in one of his buildings.  Now that A-Rod has moved out, Donald Trump has returned to behaving like….well….Donald Trump. “A-Rod is just not making it. We want to give him a chance,…

Woman Arrested for Exposing an Undercover Cop on Facebook

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You might not want to try this one at home, or anywhere else for that matter.  A woman has been placed under arrest for posting an image of an undercover police officer on Facebook, blowing his cover.  The officer was a narcotics detective, and the woman’s move could put the man’s life in danger. The woman is facing charges of felony retaliation and could go to prison for quite a…