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October 23, 2012

14 of the 34 Murdered Miners In South Africa Were Shot in the Back

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In August, 34 miners were killed in a mass killing perpetrated by the police. The miners had been on strike and ended up dead. The images that were in the media reminded South Africans of their horrible past which included many Black people dying at the hands of white soldiers under Apartheid rule. Now, as the investigation into the deaths of the striking miners unravels, it has been revealed that…

Former President Mbeki Not Happy with South Africa’s Current President Zuma

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In 2008, former South African President Thabo Mbeki was forced out of office and replaced by the current President, Jacob Zuma. Mbeki was the second Black man to lead South Africa, after Nelson Mandela was elected as the first Black President of South Africa. Mbeki has generally remained silent and refused to comment when asked about the current President but he recently broke his silence. While Mbeki was careful not…

South Carolina Homeless Man Hits $200,000 Jackpot

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It seems that the economy has been struggling to recover forever and with finding job being such a challenge for many Americans, it’s not uncommon to see people who had never played the lottery, now playing as a last hope to get some money to feed themselves and their loved ones. According to New York Daily News, last week, a homeless Greenville, South Carolina man won the state lottery and…

Fedex to Hire 20,000 For Holiday Season then Cut Thousands in 2013

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On Monday, FedEx announced that they would be hiring 20,000 temporary workers in preparation for a very busy holiday season. The leading US package delivery giant is expecting a surge in deliveries, this year, over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. FedEx Corp. is predicting that the day with the highest volume of deliveries will beĀ  December 10. On December 10, the company expects to deliverĀ  19 million shipments. This is…