Lance Armstrong Charity Donors Want Their Money Back

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Life just keeps getting worse for Lance Armstrong.  He was the man for a while, but he is now an embarrassment to his family and his country.  His legacy has been ruined by doping, as he could no longer run from the authorities.  Now, it’s time to pay the piper: 

Austin, Texas (CNN) — For years, Connie and Daniel Roddy did all they could to support Livestrong, raising tens of thousands of dollars for the cancer charity founded by cyclist Lance Armstrong.

“It all started when Lance’s first book came out,” Connie Roddy said, referring to the 2001 publication of “It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life,” which details Armstrong’s bout with testicular cancer. “I read it cover to cover. I was just so taken by who he said he was.”

The Roddys, who live in Santa Monica, California, say they initially gave $50,000 to the foundation. In 2003, Connie Roddy said, she helped organize an event for the foundation at a health club that raised an additional $150,000.

Now they want their money back.

“I feel we were really fooled. We were really hoodwinked,” she said.




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