Fedex to Hire 20,000 For Holiday Season then Cut Thousands in 2013

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On Monday, FedEx announced that they would be hiring 20,000 temporary workers in preparation for a very busy holiday season. The leading US package delivery giant is expecting a surge in deliveries, this year, over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

FedEx Corp. is predicting that the day with the highest volume of deliveries will be  December 10. On December 10, the company expects to deliver  19 million shipments. This is a record high, up 10 percent from last year. The company believes that the surge is caused by online orders.

FedEx is based in Memphis, Tennessee and has a workforce of more than 300,000 employees across the globe.

Just two weeks ago, FedEx made an announcement that “several thousand” people would be losing their jobs. The company is letting the employees go through what they call a voluntary departure program. The employees who are being cut are losing their jobs so the company can fulfill its profit goals.

Starting in early 2013, the cuts will begin, through the voluntary departure program.

Through the job cuts, the company expects to meet its goal of increasing profits by $1.7 billion by 2016.

It’s sad to think that next year when the busy season starts back up, some of the temporary employees that will be hired to meet the holiday surge may just be former employees who lost their jobs and have to settle for temporary work and what will most likely be  a lower wage.



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  1. please tell us where can we apply for the job at fedex this 2013??
    Im interested to work for fedex

  2. i worked before at UPS at clark for a year..pls remind us where to apply..would be greatful..thanks

  3. how about fedex at clark pampanga philippines../?

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