Mauritania’s President Shot by His Own Troops

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It was an accident, but at least he was OK.  But can you imagine this happening here in the United States?   The president of Mauritania is sure to conduct an investigation, for the situation is odd enough to cause concern among those who might want to keep their president safe.   We hope this never happens to President Obama.

Troops shot Mauritania’s president Saturday in what the government calls a case of “friendly fire” — though others believe it may have been something more sinister.

President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz’s convoy mistakenly came under fire as it was heading back toward the capital of Nouakchott, the official AMI news agency reported. The gunshots came from a military unit stationed alongside the road in the west African country.

The president was “lightly injured,” and government spokesman Hamdi Ould Mahjoub described the shooting as “friendly fire,” state news reported. Aziz was being treated at Nouakchott’s military hospital and doing well.

But witnesses said they believe the incident was an assassination attempt because unknown armed men shot their guns at the president and ran away, according to the independent Mauritania News agency. The witnesses said the armed men “directly” targeted the president as he was returning from his farm in the Inchiri province, near the capital, Mauritania News reported.




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  1. Friendly fire my ass. They are suppose to take a bullet for their President, not give him one!

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