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Octomom’s Nannies Say Home Life Is Better Without Her

by / October 30, 2012 World News No Comments

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Nadya Suleman, commonly known as Octomom since she had 14 children by artificial insemination, allegedly entered a treatment program over the weekend. Suleman is reported to have entered a 30 day program to overcome her dependence on Xanax , an anti anxiety medication.

TMZ has reported that the nannies that she has left her children with, while she is in rehab, are delighted that she is gone. According to TMZ, the nannies say that now that the mother of 14 is gone, their job is much easier.

Suleman has three nannies who help her take care of her 14 children. She also has two friends who help her and the three nannies.

According to one of the nannies, even though Suleman is away, she is still giving orders over the phone, at least twice a day.

The nanny who says that Suleman’s absence makes her job easier, also claims that when she is home, the Octomom spends the day barking orders at the nannies. She even claims that the environment in the house is much calmer and more peaceful without Suleman and the children have been behaving much better.

In April, pictures of Suleman’s children and home made their way online and that lead to an investigation by child protective services. The photos are reported to have shown the children using the bathroom outside and also showed disturbing graffiti in and outside of the house. The nanny claimed that things have since improved.

According to the nanny, Suleman will have the chance to see her children for the first time on Saturday.



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