When the Checks Stop Coming In: Ex-Raider On Trial for Four Homicides

A judge ruled this week that Anthony Wayne Smith, a former defensive lineman for the old school Oakland Raiders, has to stand trial for four separate murders.  In a preliminary ruling, Judge Lisa Chang said that there is evidence that the 45-year old Smith should be put on trial for four killings over a nine-year period.  The murders took place starting the year after Smith’s career in the NFL came to an end.

One such murder involved Maurilio Ponce, who was found shot and beaten to death in what prosecutors say was a business deal gone bad.  The jury deadlocked on Smith’s role in the murder, but he was charged with several other murders while he waited for a retrial.

In 1999, Kevin and Ricky Nettles, brothers, were found dead after being kidnapped from an LA car wash.  Smith is also alleged to have been involved in the 2001 murder of Dennis Henderson, who was found stabbed to death in a rental car.

Smith’s attorney, Daniel Evans, says that there is no physical evidence linking his client to any of these homicides.

“There’s no DNA evidence, there’s no fingerprints evidence, there’s no ballistics evidence that tie him to any of these cases,” Evans said.

Smith was the 11th pick of the 1990 NFL draft.  He retired from the Los Angeles Raiders in 1998.




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  1. So s he just saying there is no evidence to tie him to it or that he did not do it?

  2. I didn’t do it! I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time!

    That is the standard answer when one get busted! Perhaps he didn’t do it, however what is the chance he would be connected to all the other murders?

    Yea, I know it’s another case of the man going after a black man who just happen to be in the area when the murders went down!

    It’s those racist pigs just after a black man who’s trying to make it!

    Well OK if you say so!

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