President Obama Cries During Speech Thanking Supporters

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You don’t see the president crying very often, but there’s a first time for every time.  President Obama broke down during a speech to supporters, crying as he reminisced about his days as a community organizer.

President Obama was crying. Not choked up, not somewhat emotional. He was crying. It was a startling sight — after years of watching the man known for his coolness under pressure, for his analytic detachment — to see him suddenly wearing his heart on his rolled up sleeve.

What happened? What made the president — “No Drama Obama,” “President Spock” — suddenly crack?

It happened Wednesday, the day after he won re-election, when he stood before the staff at his Chicago campaign headquarters to thank them for the work that helped make his victory possible. “What you guys have done,” he said, “means that the work that I’m doing is important.” His right index finger quickly wiped away tears as they streamed down his cheek.

Perhaps Obama felt emotionally overpowered by what awaits him even before he finishes his first term. The country is careering toward the “fiscal cliff,” which really is the wrong term. It’s more a fiscal suicide (fiscacide?) if the government irresponsibly pushes the country into a self-inflicted recession, complete with a renewed rise in unemployment. Without an agreement with Republicans, Americans, including Obama supporters weeping with him in that room, will face higher taxes and across-the-board spending cuts.



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  1. …To see a man shed some tears just makes me LOVE him more,that tells me he cares and He is not weak because of it! Our PRESIDENT IS A MAN and he shows it.@ George I agree 100%.

  2. He will most likely stay healthy for many years. It takes a very strong man to be able to cry. Crying can be good for your soul. Go ahead brothers cry, get it OUT and LIVE! Much love to all

  3. This is what real men do. They have emotion, passion and compassion. When you love from the heart and speak from the heart, tears will flow. God bless our president.

  4. President Obama is a man with compassion and care. He cares about the
    plight of ordinary people, and he relates well to people. We need to come together as citizens and Americans and do all we can as a nation to support him. The American people have spoken!! I cannot begin to
    image what this man has endured in his lifetime, as a person
    and as president of the most powerful nation on earth. Lets pray for
    him and his lovely wife , Michelle and their sweet & adorable
    children. May God continue to show him and his family favor & protection.

  5. He wrote this pathetic article? This sounds like a republican hater of Obama. These types love to twist something into a self serving lie.

  6. There are things that will happen to you in your life that will truly humble you. And at that moment, I saw true humility in our President. When people rally around you and support you during a difficult time, it truly humbles you.

  7. I have seen nothing but love, concern and passion from our president,from the time he became president of the united states, he is a real man that’s for sure, god bless him and his lovely family.
    Lets stick together and help him have another successful 4 yrs in office

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