Thirteen-Year-Old Girl Stabbed Stepsister to Death

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Thirteen year old Tyasia Jackson was charged with murder after stabbing her stepsister to death


A tragic story lead to a 13-year-old girl facing murder charges and a two-year-old child being stabbed to death. Thirteen-year-old Tyasia Jackson was babysitting her two year old stepsister, Sasha Lamaya Ray, when she became angry when a neighbor caught she and a young boy inside the home while her parents were gone.

Additional details are available below:

A 13-year-old girl is to be charged with the death of her two-year-old half-sister, after the toddler was found dead behind their family home near Atlanta, Georgia. Tyasia Jackson was charged yesterday with stabbing young Sasha Lamaya Ray and leaving her in the backyard of the family’s home on Waldrop Trail, near Atlanta. The teenager was looking after her siblings while her parents were out. When they returned they found Sasha at the rear of the house, police spokesman Mekka Parish said. Their other children were in the house at the time Sasha disappeared.  Authorities know the cause of death but have not yet disclosed the information. They only confirmed that the death is being treated as a homicide. …A neighbor went to the home and found the boy hiding inside a closet and told him to leave. Ray said the teen told him that after the boy and other friends left, Tyasia asked for her siblings to go upstairs and kept Sasha downstairs. The teen told Ray she then took Sasha towards the back door of the home and stabbed her seven times in the chest. –Source




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  1. That is a two year old toddler she needs to be in jail for life

  2. Rotten kid!

    • I agree she needs to be in JAIL for life people keep saying there’s more to the story it looks like it was changed from when I first heard it the neighbor found the body the 2 year old caught the sister!!!

  3. They should give this animal the death penalty. If she is old enough to kill, she’s old enough to be killed. I remember when I was that age, I knew exactly what I was doing, no matter how stupid some of the things I did, I still knew that they were wrong.

  4. It’s amazing to me how after any tragedy the Religeous Devout scream pray about it!…
    As if that ever have or ever will Really Help anyone!

    If Prayer really worked this 13year old girl wouldn’t be headed 2 prison 4 the rest of her life & a 2year old Child wouldn’t be dead!….

    Religion is the worst thing that ever happened to this society! You all keep praying while innocent women & children are raped & murdered!….


    • Well then YOU don’t pray and we’ll see how well you live and survive the most darkest hour….


      It’s spelled Religious. Not Religeous

    • Did you ever think the reason why all this evil is happening is because prayer has been taken out of school, and most people even christians are defying God. No prayer is not helping its learning to obey Gods rules that will help

  5. LOL. I agree with soldier93. Whenever there is trouble, religious nuts begin to pray to an invisible man in the sky. Enough of that. @topic – clearly this child has a great deal of problems that no amount of “prayer” can would be able to make this child well. This is going to be one of those cases where you won’t hear much about after a couple of days. I am willing to bet my last dollar that Nancy Grace will not mention this case at all.

    • I have some good news for you Corbin56; The Invisable Man Above Created you & your alive & breathing! Cause of him:) Stop & I ask yourself “What’s My Purpose here on EARTH; Please Read the book on Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warrant” I love you; & By The Way Pray Do Work!

  6. You have to wonder if this kind of incident is not a product of the violent video games of today, where young kids are encouraged to sit for hours shooting, stabbing, punching, kicking, “death-raying” their “enemies”, who then miraculously resurrect themselves and start fighting again.
    The entire culture of video games is based on inconsequential violence.
    Kids sit quietly for hours playing these “killing” games (thus relieving the parents from any obligation to involve them in more beneficially educational activities). Then when they eventually put the game down, they sit watching a TV show where people are firing indiscriminately at one another, or even the “news”, where people are bombing or shooting, and kids are being carried from buildings dead or wounded.

    Should it cause any real surprize then, that sometimes the edges between video games or TV violence and reality become fuzzy?

    Too many parents nowadays fail to spend quality time with their children on creative, educational and life-preparing activity.

  7. “… When a neighbor caught she and a boy in the house …”? Good grief! What bad grammar! I can hardly read it.

  8. I’m still trying to figure out what role the boy being in the house played in this drama or was that thrown in for possible salaciousness.
    This girls problems didn’t start that day. They have to be problems of a long standing nature and to me she was trying to hurt someone who has been causing her hurt. The two year old was the means to an end and not the end in itself.

  9. All moral intergrity of America is gone. Rasim is on every channel both tv and radio. Gods’ word is true Judges 2:10 And also all that generation were gathered unto their fathers; and there arose another generation after them, which knew NOT the Lord nor the works He had done for Israel. We are a nation turned around backwards and our children do not have a clue who God is. People and things have been given the honor of being god in our childrens lives. We have allowed prayer to be taken out of school and that was the only place Most children ever heard the name God.

  10. Wow!! To read different perceptions of this story has me worried and wondering. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want, especially the non-believers. Soldier93 and Corbin56, there is always a beginning, a starting line, a creation for everything you can think of. How was “man” initially created?

  11. In my opinion, 13 is too young to be responsible for a houseful of kids. I babysat my siblings and cousins when I was that age, but times were different. Most parents’ concerns had to do with folks OUTSIDE the home, not INSIDE. It’s gone from worrying about someone trying to enter the home while a parent is away to their own kids stabbing each other? Smh

  12. Oh and btw, this article was unclear and confusing. Who was this “boy”, what’s up with the neighbor, and how did the police determine it was the 13 year old girl? This article kinda reads like a damn 13 year old wrote it

  13. I’m sure she displayed violent tendencies before. I would never have left my baby with her or any of my children. Two lives have been taken…my prayers go out to the mother.

  14. I feel in my heart that this young lady thought that the little one was going to tell about the boy in the house. Also to impress him was the stabbing done. Children today don’t seem to understand right from wrong, bad from good. When the government started telling us (black people) how to raise our children, we lost them. Some of them are unrecoverable. Stories like this make me cry.

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