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December 3, 2012

Russian Traffic Jam Lasted a Whopping 125 Miles

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Traffic can get very bad in DC, New York and other places, but we’ve got nothing on this.  A traffic jam in Russia lasted for an amazing 125 miles, with cars backed up for an entire week. The jam was between Moscow and St. Petersburg, the two most populated cities in the country.  Most of the car sat on the road without motion for days, leading us to wonder how…

Afghanistan’s First Female Rapper and Family Threatened,Told To Stop Rapping

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Afghanistan’s first female rapper, Sosan Firooz,  and her family have recently been receiving death threats from anonymous people, telling her to stop rapping. But the YouTube sensation is not afraid of the threats and continues to make music. “How long should we keep this silence?” “There’s a need for people to rise up. And others should follow,” says Firooz. The death threats started coming after the 23 year old released…

Federal Agent Killed by Mexican Dope Smugglers On California Coast

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A Federal Agent lost his life at the hands of dope smugglers in the early hours of Monday morning. The law enforcement officer was killed when a boat carrying marijuana crashed into a Coast Guard boat that was trying to intercept the illegal activity, on the coast of California. According to ABC News, four suspects were caught and are in custody while two others escaped and found refuge in a…

Man in Coma Brought to Life by His Wife’s Voice

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Being trapped inside your own body is a nightmare that no one could imagine. This is the daily struggle that comatose patients are forced to live in. Serious injury or illness can leave someone in this helpless state leaving them unable to communicate. Amazingly, a comatose man in Phoenix Arizona was able to communicate with his wife his desire to live.  After suffering from a major illness, Mike Dils was…

Lindsay Lohan Just Keeps Destroying Herself and Her Reputation

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Lindsay Lohan always finds ridiculous new ways to draw attention to herself. Recently Lohan got into a scuffle with fortune teller Tiffany Mitchell. This showdown took place early Thursday morning at a night club in Chelsea. Rumors began spreading that Lohan had hit Mitchell, rumors that Lohan denies. Now Lohan admits that she did attack Mitchell, but not physically. Instead, Lohan smacked her with a slur. When you see someone…