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December 17, 2012

Two Costco Employees Split $50 Million Dollar Winning Lottery Ticket

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If you work for Costco and you win $50 million in the lottery, you probably don’t have to come back to work anymore.  That’s the surreal experience of a couple of the company’s employees, who are probably going to tell their bosses to shove it.  According to officials in the Massachusetts State Lottery, Rosa DeLeon and Reginald LeBlanc, 52 and 54 years old respectively, bought the winning ticket and are agreeing…

Twitter Explodes with the N-Word as Obama’s Addresses Nation during Sunday Night Football

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NBC did the respectful thing by cutting away from Sunday Night Football in order to bring forth President Obama’s address to the nation. But as you can imagine, some people didn’t take too kindly to having their football interrupted.  These extremists certainly don’t represent the fabric of the American people, but they’re out there. The Twitterverse exploded with fans referring to the president using the n-word, telling him to get…