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December 20, 2012

Frank Ocean Disgusted That His Father Is Suing Him for $1Million

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This year has proven to be a very interesting year for Frank Ocean. He came out of the closet…sort of, saying that his first love was actually a male. In the open letter he used to come out, he said, “I don’t know what happens now, and that’s alrite [deleted]. I don’t have any secrets I need kept anymore…I feel like a free man.” Ocean then went on to be…

President Obama Embarrasses His Daughters by Dancing Gangnam Style

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\ The president says that he loves the Gangnam Style video by the rapper PSY.  He also surprised the interviewers at People Magazine by telling them that he even does the dance in order to embarrass his daughters, Sasha and Malia. “They’re cooler than I am. There are things I like that they think are cheesy, like Gangnam Style. I love that,” he said. Mrs. Obama says that her husband…

Adam Lanza’s Mother Left Him Home Alone for Three Days While He Plotted and Played Violent Video Games

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When your child has a serious mental illness and you’ve got a stockpile of weapons, it might not be such  good idea to leave him in the house by himself for several days at a time. That’s what police are saying about Nancy Lanza, the mother of Adam Lanza, the young man who murdered 20 children and six adults in cold blood at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Police say…

12 Ways You’re Wasting Your Money

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The leak: Up to 50% of the price, compared with buying online The plug: In the heady moments after you first hold your beautiful new phone or tablet or computer, it’s easy to get swept up by similarly cool accessories. Go home and go online, and you won’t overpay for peripherals, says Rick Broida of CNET’s The Cheapskate blog. The least expensive iPhone case, screen protector, and headset available at the Apple Store…

Facebook’s Second in Command Makes $50 Million in Sale of Company Stock

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg pledged to hold on to all of his Facebook shares for at least a year, but other top executives are quietly selling off a chunk of their holdings. Zuckerberg’s No. 2, chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, has cashed out around $50 million since Facebook (FB) went public in May. Her latest sales came this week, when she sold nearly 310,000 shares for $8.4 million. Sandberg has plenty more left…

Hunting for a Job? Then Be Sure to Clean Up Your Online Image

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The Internet and social media might be a lot of fun, but they can also put you in a tough spot when trying to look for a job.  Your life, both personal and professional, is plastered out there for everyone to see and it can make it difficult to land your next professional gig. Mary Beth Marklein at USA Today writes about the importance of making sure you keep your online…

Sandy Hook Survivor Tells Her Story to the Public

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The scariest thing that a human being could experience happened last week in an elementary school of all places.  Now that we’re living in the aftermath and police are trying to figure out what happened, some are coming out in public and telling their stories. The tales are harrowing and remind us of the importance of protecting our kids no matter what it takes.  Maybe now we’ll learn to control…

Redskins QB RGIII Gets Major Fine for Wearing Adidas Gear

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What you wear shouldn’t be the biggest thing on the mind of an NFL player, since you’re out there breaking your body down and fighting till the end to try to win games.  But when there’s big money at stake, it becomes very important to the corporate guys who are watching your every move. Robert Griffin III, otherwise known as RGIII, learned this lesson the hard way the other day,…