Redskins QB RGIII Gets Major Fine for Wearing Adidas Gear

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What you wear shouldn’t be the biggest thing on the mind of an NFL player, since you’re out there breaking your body down and fighting till the end to try to win games.  But when there’s big money at stake, it becomes very important to the corporate guys who are watching your every move.

Robert Griffin III, otherwise known as RGIII, learned this lesson the hard way the other day, getting fined big time by the NFL for wearing an Adidas sweatsuit to the podium during a press conference. This was a bad move for him, since the official sponsor for the NFL just happens to be Nike.

The incident took place right after Griffin was injured during a 31-28 overtime win against the Baltimore Ravens.   Griffin had gone down with a sprained knee in the process.  The league slapped him with a fine of $10,000, which Adidas is probably very happy to pay for him.  He has to get back to the business of tossing touchdowns.

Earlier in the season, RGIII had another run-in with the league over his apparel.  He was caught during warm ups covering the Nike swoosh on his shit while in New Orleans.  Previously, he’d worn his shirt inside out in order to avoid the swoosh.  It probably wasn’t an accident.




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