Baby Breastfed by the Wrong Mother at the Hospital

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You may not know that HIV and Hepatitis can be spread via breast milk, but now you know

  A mother was distraught this week to find out that her child was being fed by the wrong woman

 The mixup is probably going to cost the hospital quite a bit of money

Also, the child is going to have to be tested for diseases that can be transmitted when you’re being breastfed by a stranger

We’re not sure who’s more distraught over this: the mother or the other woman


A baby mix-up at a Minneapolis hospital resulted in one mother breastfeeding the wrong infant, causing distress for both women involved, according to ABC News

The mistake occurred because a baby boy atAbbott Northwestern Hospital was placed in the wrong bassinette in the hospital’s nursery, 



html”>hepatitis, and will need to receive the tests every three months for the next year

The baby has so far tested negative for both diseases

If a child is accidentally fed breast milk from a woman who is not his mother, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the child undergo 



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