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Beware of a Woman Scorned: Woman Kills Her Friend For Dating Her Ex

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Jealousy is a dangerous emotion and can lead you to do terrible things. A 28-year-old woman in California knows this to be true. She was recently convicted of murdering her former best friend after the 26-year-old victim had a brief relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Now she will spend the next 25 years in prison.

Giselle Esteban and Michelle Le were friends who met in high school. The two moved to the San Francisco Bay area after graduation and became considerably close. Esteban became involved with a man named Scott Marasigan. The two dated and their relationship even resulted in the birth of Esteban’s daughter.

Le (pictured) and Marasigan began a relationship and even though it was brief and the two had split, Esteban believed that Marasigan was in love with her ex-best friend. Esteban became pregnant, but that did not reassure her of her relationship with Marasigan. He claims that she pulled out a knife and threatened to kill herself and the unborn child if he did not leave Le.

Marasigan said that he and Le were involved several years back, but that the relationship was never “intimate” and that they remained friends. Esteban claims that Le sought an abortion in 2005 after becoming pregnant and had spoken with Marasigan about it. Esteban’s lawyer tried to use that information in court.

Still Esteban showed no emotion and no remorse over murdering her friend in court. After a series of insane text messages, Marasigan, who already had custody of their six-year-old daughter, filed a restraining order against Esteban. Three days later Le went missing. The police believe that she was murdered in the hospital’s parking lot. Esteban dumped the nursing student’s body in a canyon 20 miles away. Her remains were found four months later.



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