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Nasty Rabbi: Convicted for 59 Counts Of Molestation

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It’s good to know that there is some justice in the world, especially when religious leaders are abusing their powers and subjecting children to abuse and assault. Now the orthodox-jewish community will have to acknowledge that some people cannot be trusted, not even your rabbi.

Rabbi Nechemya Weberman was convicted on 59 counts of s*xual abuse towards a young girl in his faith. Weberman was accused of fondling the girl and forcing her to perform oral “acts” on him as well as other lascivious deeds. He would even have her act out p@rn@graphic films. The abuse started when the girl (who is now 17) was 12-years-old.

Weberman is now looking forward to 25 years in prison for the worst of his offenses. Some of the charges may add two to seven years each to his sentence. The jurors spent half of a day on the verdict. Weberman’s defense attorneys are already planning to appeal the case believing that the jury was unfair and is putting an “innocent man” in prison.

The girl’s parents sent her to him after she broke several of the rules of their group. The pre-teen had been reading magazines like Cosmopolitan and People. She even had the audacity to wear stockings that were too thin, while knowing that her parents did not approve. After the young girl had been branded as a “heretic”, the rabbi’s job was to re-indoctrinate her back into her conservative ways, but the perverted old man did nothing of the sort. Worst of all, the family paid him $12,800 in counseling fees during the time that Weberman was busy molesting their child.



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