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Thousands Put in the Hospital By Smoking Fake Weed

Synthetic drugs such as K2 and Spice were responsible for putting thousands of people in the hospital back in 2010. These synthetic drugs became popular because they mimic the high that you would get from marijuana. The federal government’s Drug Abuse Warning Network did their first report on these drugs to examine the impact that the synthetics had. It turns out that they were responsible for for sending large numbers of people to the emergency room.

The herbal incense was responsible for one-third of the emergency room visits made by youth between the ages of 12 and 17. The research then showed that they were also responsible for putting 35 percent of users between the ages of 18 and 24 in the hospital. It turns out that 59 percent of the patients admitted were admitted due to reactions to this substance alone. Most emergency rooms see larger numbers of people admitted due to pain killer and illicit drug abuse. With 18 million regular users, marijuana is the most illicit drug that there is. Back in 2010, the herb sent over 460,000 people to the hospital.

The results of synthetic drug use as gathered in the reports show that synthetic drugs are a threat to public health. Back in 2009, K2 and Spice popped up on the market as legal substances, marketed as incense. The synthetics became popular with teens and college students who could easily buy them online and in stores. Not too long after they went on the market, people were admitted to the hospital more frequently, suffering from a fever and what doctors would refer to as strange behavior.  There are also thousands of deaths related to the product as well.



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  1. Those people have to stop smoking that!! On the packages, I believe it says “not for human consumption”. Its the choices that people make that put them into the hospital or kill them in this case.

  2. Lol I blow blunt after blunt and I be straight some people just can’t handle it hell I’m high now lol

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