Tweets Bragged About Heavy Drinking the Night NFL Player Was Killed

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Authorities and the public are starting to put a spotlight on the culture of partying and drinking among professional athletes after it was revealed that there were tweets bragging about drinking heavily on the night that the Dallas Cowboys died in an alcohol-related accident.  The promoter for the nightclub that provided the liquor that the athletes were drinking sent out numerous tweets bragging about how the liquor was flowing and that everyone was partying hard.

“These fools buying Ace on top of Ace!!!!” said a tweet from Kfimesha Jackson, the promoter/event coordinator for the Dallas nightclub Privae.

Ace of Spades is a popular drink that celebrities like to take in on Friday nights.

Privae is being investigated by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.  The club is often visited by NBA and NFL athletes.  Jackson sent out fliers promoting the event, featuring comedian Shawn Wayans.   It is illegal to serve alcohol to someone who is already intoxicated, so if it”s proven that the players were drunk when getting their last few drinks, millions may be paid out in lawsuits and someone might go to jail.

Josh Brent from the Dallas Cowboys was arrested for intoxication manslaughter after the death of his good friend, Jerry Brown.   Police say that Brent was driving drunk when Brown was killed.

Jackson put out anther message on Twitter:

“And the special orders these NBA players are *STILL* putting in for tomorrow….craziness! ACE. ACE. ACE.#PRIVAE SOLD OUT since Monday!”

She also bragged about NFL player Michael Huff also engaging in massive alcohol consumption:

“Annnnnnd MY fam bam @Huffy247 just bought 20 bottles of Ace!!!! What?!#PRIVAE!,” she wrote.




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