Two Costco Employees Split $50 Million Dollar Winning Lottery Ticket

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If you work for Costco and you win $50 million in the lottery, you probably don’t have to come back to work anymore.  That’s the surreal experience of a couple of the company’s employees, who are probably going to tell their bosses to shove it.  According to officials in the Massachusetts State Lottery, Rosa DeLeon and Reginald LeBlanc, 52 and 54 years old respectively, bought the winning ticket and are agreeing to share the proceeds.

According to the Boston Globe, DeLeon would buy two tickets on a regular basis, putting both of their names on the back.  She would then give a copy to LeBlanc. This is a great idea to avoid the kind of horrible confusion experienced by some previous winners, who chose to renege on their agreement after the win.

The two big winners agreed to accept $33 million in a lump sum payment, which means that they are splitting $23.1 million after taxes.  So, it appears that the biggest winners in all of this are the state of Massachusetts and the federal government.

The owner of the Shell gas station, Adam Muise, described the day that LeBlanc came in to report the winning ticket.

“He walked in and he stood off to the side and didn’t really say anything,” Muise said. “We asked if he needed help with anything and continued to talk about someone winning, and he calmly said, ‘I won.’ He had a copy of the winning ticket.”




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