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January 5, 2013

Another Mass Shooting in the Same City As the Batman Incident Last Summer

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Another mass shooting has occurred in Aurora, Colorado, the same city where a man broke into a movie theater and murdered 12 people.  This time, a man shot and killed three people in an apartment complex, barricading himself into the house.  Police eventually killed the man, making him the fourth casualty in a very bloody situation. The gunman is believed to have been related to all three victims, according to…

Lance Armstrong Might Admit to Doping

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The New York time is reporting that the great cyclist Lance Armstrong is almost ready to admit to the thing that everyone knew he was doing in the first place:  doping.  Armstrong has already been defamed, having his Tour de France wins stripped from him and receiving a lifetime ban by the United States Anti-Doping Agency. For some reason, Armstrong wants to be allowed to compete again by confessing to doping of…

Guess What? A Quarter of All Profitable Corporations are Paying Zero Federal Taxes

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  We pretend that the rich are already paying something to help our nation out of its economic crisis, but that’s not always the point. There are large corporations earning billions of dollars, who are paying nothing to stabilize the economy.  As a result, we are in the middle of a massive economic crisis with no ending in sight. During his Brunch With Bernie segment on Thom Harmann’s radio show,…

FL Trooper Sues State, Alleges She Was Intimidated By Cops After Arresting a Cop

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We always hear that there are police officers who think that they are above the law and now it seems that the state of Florida has at least 100 of them. One has to wonder why some policemen think that they can break the very rules that they are hired to enforce. Laws are supposed to protect everyone and whether they are broken by civilians or police officers, they still…