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January 20, 2013

Milo Costillo is a five-year-old child with Down syndrome. A waiter stood up for him when patrons seated next to his family made a nasty remark about his condition.

Restaurant Patrons Asked to Leave After Nasty Remarks About Disabled Child

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Milo Castillo, a five-year-old with Down syndrome, was enjoying a nice dinner with the rest of his family when the people at the table sitting next to him asked their waiter to move them to another area in the restaurant. When they were placed at their new table, they remarked to the waiter: “Special needs kids should be kept in special places”. The waiter was incredibly offended and refused to serve…

Serena Williams says Lance Armstrong Cast a Suspicious Shadow Over All Athletes

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Serena Williams and her sister, Venus Williams, have dominated the world of tennis for a very long time. Being the super athlete that she is, her opinion on matters, such as that of Lance Armstrong doping to win, is of some importance. Because Serena has, at some points in her career, been a force to reckon with, much like Lance Armstrong, it makes sense that she could be offended to…

Helicopter Crash Kills Two and Injures 13 in London

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Tragedy struck in London after a helicopter crashed into a crane. The accident happened in central London and so far the death toll is at two. The pilot and someone on the ground were killed in the crash and 13 others are injured. There were  around 90 police officers on the site dealing with the aftermath of the incident. They were able to manage the fire in about 25 minutes….