Serena Williams says Lance Armstrong Cast a Suspicious Shadow Over All Athletes

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serena williams talkingSerena Williams and her sister, Venus Williams, have dominated the world of tennis for a very long time. Being the super athlete that she is, her opinion on matters, such as that of Lance Armstrong doping to win, is of some importance. Because Serena has, at some points in her career, been a force to reckon with, much like Lance Armstrong, it makes sense that she could be offended to hear that while Armstrong was revered as a champion in his own sport, he was actually deceiving everyone and taking performance enhancing drugs.

While what Armstrong did has nothing to do with Williams, she may have a point when she says that if people can’t trust him because he denied doping for so long, they may also start to question whether other athletes, such as herself are also doping and lying about it.

Serena Williams says Lance Armstrong let all athletes down by doping and lying about it for so long, while No. 1-ranked Victoria Azarenka says the disgraced cyclist “deserves everything he gets.”

Williams and Azeranka, speaking Saturday after their third-round wins at the Australian Open, said Armstrong’s confession after such vehement denials cast doubt over other sports.

“I think a lot of people now look and are like, ‘OK, if somebody (is) that great, what about everyone else in every other sport?’” Williams said.

“As an athlete, as someone that works really, really hard since I was 4 or 3, I think it’s a sad day for all athletes in general. Overall, it’s even more disappointing for the people that were adversely affected through everything. You can only just hope for the best for them.”

Azeranka said “everybody works so hard to be the best.”

“You cannot be a hero in the end of the day,” Azeranka said. “You cannot lie. You cannot cheat. Everybody works so hard to be the best, and you have to respect that.”



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