Young Teacher Makes Bad Twitter Decisions With Drugs and Nudity

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carly mCarly McKinney is definitely not someone that you would want teaching your kids. The 23-year-old teacher was recently put on paid suspension by Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado after the discovery of her lewd Twitter account under the account CarlyCrunkBear (@crunk_bear). The page has since been removed and the 23-year-old can  probably consider her short-lived days of teaching over, unless McKinney wants to teach a class called “What Not To Do On Twitter If You Want To Keep Your Job”.

McKinney had a bunch of half and mostly-naked photos of herself on this Twitter page. She says that she set up this page where she talked about smoking marijuana and exposed herself with the help of a friend. These weren’t mild offenses where people were overreacting to photos of her in a swim suit. McKinney was shown in different compromising positions while either topless or without pants. There are photos of her lighting up in a car and lighting up in public. Many of her posts referred to being high or possessing marijuana.

Apparently the page was meant to be a parody but maybe that could work for celebrities, not teachers. Making inappropriate pages like this not only sets a bad example for her students but it has now affected her credibility as an educator. McKinney was supposed to be a grown woman who is beginning a career, now she will probably be standing in line to apply for Unemployment . Posting comments like “Watching a drug bust go down in the parking lot. It’s funny cuz I have weed in my car in the staff parking lot,” leaves a lot to be desired.



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  1. lol @ parody. her class wouldn’t even believe that.

  2. If you think she’s the only teacher who gets high or drinks a lot, you’re in for a big surprise.

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