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February 6, 2013

Kris Humphries Holding Out On Divorce Is Putting Kim Kardashian’s Unborn Baby At Risk

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If you have ever seen a woman scorned, it is nothing compared to NBA baller, Kris Humphries, who cannot seem to let go of the fact that he got played by Kim Kardashian. He means to make her suffer. The 72 day hell that Kim Kardashian has described, has literally taken over her life. Humphries is claiming that all of the stress that Kardashian is suffering is not his fault…

Terminal breast cancer patient hopes fashion spread will reveal beauty in even the most tragic situations

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    A Kentucky woman with incurable stage-4 breast cancer has gone in front of the camera to show others that there is beauty even in the most tragic of situations. “Magazines always talk about breast cancer, but they never show it,” Jill Brzezinski-Conley of Louisville told the Daily News. “I want to be able to show men and women that you can still be beautiful or sexy with cancer.”…

Soft-drink addiction caused Australia man, 25, to lose teeth, get blood poisoning

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    Need a reason to cut back on soda? How about a 25-year-old who wears dentures? William Kennewell of Salisbury, Australia, was never a fan of water, so he drank cola — a lot of it. He downed a staggering six to eight liters a day for three years, he told the Adelaide Advertiser. The soda habit became an addiction that he “struggled to kick,” Kennewell said. Eventually, he developed…