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February 9, 2013

Anderson Cooper Receives a Package from LAPD Fugitive Cop, Chris Dorner

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Anderson Cooper surprised his co-host by stating that he’d received a package from Christopher Dorner, the man on the run from the LAPD.   Cooper said that the package surprised him, and that he didn’t know he even had it until after Dorner’s name hit national media. “It arrived February 1st at our offices at CNN, he sent it to me directly. As you can imagine, I get a lot…

Japanese Want to Put Underwear on the Statue of David

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by Nigel Boys The Japanese want to put pants on David. A replica of Michelangelo’s famous statue was installed without much warning last summer in Okuizumo, Japan. But the famously nude biblical hero is raising eyebrows – and reportedly scaring children — in this town of 15,000 in southeast Shimane prefecture. The 16-foot-tall statue — which stands alongside a similarly exposed Venus de Milo — was donated by a local businessman…

North Korea Makes a Video of Itself Blowing Up New York City

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by Nigel Boys As North Korea prepares to conduct its third nuclear weapons test, the hermit nation’s propaganda machine is spinning at full, bizarre throttle. In its latest video, posted on the semi-official website Uriminzokkiri earlier this week, a young man sleeps peacefully, dreaming of a world where North Korean spacecraft roam the heavens, the Korean peninsula is finally reunited and an American city that looks suspiciously like New York is engulfed in flames. In…

Boy, 7, makes impassioned plea using post-it notes urging soldiers suffering from PTSD to ‘ask for help’

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    Seven-year-old John Murray Jr. has a simple message for soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress: “Ask for help!!!!” The Alabama boy was visiting an army hospital in Huntsville with his mother when he saw a word that caught his eye: suicide. “And I asked Mom, ‘What’s that “S” word?’” he said. “She started walking faster, and I asked her again,” John Jr. told WAFF-TV. Mother Ingrid Murray hoped to avoid the…

Married couple, forced apart in communist Russia, reunite by chance and remarry

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    A married couple forced apart 60 years ago because of war and politics was reunited by chance in Russia last year. Finding they were still in love, they decided to re-tie the knot. Anna Kozlov was paying a visit to her home village of Borovlyanka in Siberia when she saw man ambling out of a car and realized it was her long, lost husband, Boris. Boris had returned…