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February 10, 2013

Gonzalez’s girlfriend, Josephine Hernandez, says he had a big heart. His brother Jose is saddened that subway riders didn’t react sooner to his brother’s cardiac arrest, which led to his death, despite nurse Hermana Moise performing CPR. Gonzalez’s family is accepting donations for his funeral.

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  Hermana Moise, a nurse at St. Luke’s, tried to save the life of straphanger Emilio Gonzalez aboard the 3 train on Friday. Moise administered CPR, but Gonzalez was pronounced dead at New York Downtown Hospital. His girlfriend says he had “the biggest heart” — but it couldn’t be revived even after a hero nurse stepped in. Emilio Gonzalez, the 49-year-old unemployed man found unresponsive on the No. 3 train…

Actor Charlie Sheen Begs Fugitive Cop Christopher Dorner to Call Him

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Even Charlie Sheen is getting in on the quest to find suspected cop killer and fugitive Christopher Dorner.   This week, Sheen mad a video with TMZ inviting Sheen to give him a call so that the two can “find an end to this thing.”  Dorner remains on the loose and has become a subject of fascination for millions around the world. Christopher Dorner — the ex-police officer suspected in the…

Egyptian Government Accused of Torturing a Protester to Death

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Mohammed el-Gexndy, a 28-year-old activist, died of his wounds early Monday at a Cairo hospital after he was “tortured to death,” the Egyptian Popular Current party said in a statement. They claimed that police electrocuted him and beat him repeatedly on the head. An autopsy has been ordered by the prosecutor’s office after he was arrested by police on January 27. Three other detainees who were kept with Gendy testified…

Details of Christopher Dorner’s Legal Proceedings Against the LAPD (Video)

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Christopher Dorner has been on the run from law enforcement for several days.  In an online manifesto, Dorner calls for the public to investigate his claims against his former employer, the Los Angeles Police Department.  People have begun to wonder if the LAPD actually wants to take Dorner alive, after a 71-year old woman had her truck riddled with bullet holes after police opened fire on her, thinking that her…

Son Warms Himself Inside Dad’s Car During Snow Storm and Dies from Carbon Monoxide

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A teen boy died this week during the massive snow storm that hit the state of Massachusetts.  It appears that the boy was killed by carbon monoxide when he tried to get warm by getting inside his father’s car. His father was shoveling snow at the time, and the boy tried to warm up by getting into the car.  But the snow had covered the exhaust pipes of the car…

Saudi Arabia: Women-only City Planned Where No Men Are Allowed

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Remember when kids would build clubhouses or go up to their tree house, and they would put a sign out that said “No Boys Allowed!” Soon there may be a city in Saudi Arabia that is “no boys allowed”. The country is working on a plan for a new city that would be for women only. They are making sure that they are recognizing and following the Sharia laws, which…