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February 16, 2013

Kim Kardashian Has To Wait Another Three Months For Divorce

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It seems like Kris Humphries has gotten his been shown some favor with the judge. The long awaited divorce proceedings have been delayed for another three months. Kim Kardashian will have to cool her heels until then. Kim’s attorney, Laura Wasser, was trying to get the trial pushed up to next month. She claims that Kris’s lawyers abused the legal system by stalling without a good reason. It was by…

Even moderate drinking may substantially raise risk of dying from cancer: study

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      Alcohol causes about 19,500 cancer deaths each year — and even as little as 1.5 drinks per day can make you part of that statistic, according to a sobering new study. The research, published in the American Journal of Public Health, is the first in several decades to examine deaths from a variety of cancers that can be attributed to alcohol consumption, said lead study author David…

‘I JUST WON $75,000’ : Gutsy teen wins cash and laughs with memorable final answer on Jeopardy

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    “Best final answer in game show history” for 400, Alex. A laid back but gutsy teenager stole the show on “Jeopardy” Tuesday night with what many are saying is the most extraordinary “Final Jeopardy” answer in the game show’s history. Leonard Cooper, 17, won this week’s “Jeopardy Teen Tournament” challenge with an epic response that left his competitors shocked and host Alex Trebek chuckling. With Cooper’s bank reading $37,000, well ahead of…

The Lives of Christopher Dorner’s Victims; A Closer Examination

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By Darron Smith The unfortunate and tragic events surrounding the life of Christopher Dorner’s rampage has captivated the nation. Some Americans are sympathetic to the plight of Dorner’s personal and professional struggles, especially during his time with the LAPD. But what of his innocent victims whose voices are drowned out in the shadows of Dorner’s chaos? This is a brief look into the lives of the four victims to give…