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February 20, 2013

Kelly Clarkson Says Clive Davis Is Not Telling Complete Truth In Book

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Kelly Clarkson posted a letter to her Fans, on Tuesday, in response to music mogul, Clive Davis’s book. Clarkson is mentioned  in the tell all  “The Sound Track of My Life.” But Clarkson says that Davis is not giving the whole story, when it comes to his interactions with her. She responded to the claim that she burst out in tears when Davis insisted  “ Since You’ve Been Gone”  be…

Four little miracles! Houston, Texas, mom gives birth to TWO SETS of identical twins — on Valentine’s Day

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    The odds of having a Valentine’s Day like Tressa and Manuel Montavo’s? About one in 70 million. The Houston, Texas, couple welcomed four newborn sons last Thursday — but as if four babies at once wasn’t remarkable enough, the Montavo boys aren’t quadruplets, but two sets of identical twins. Tressa, 36, and Manuel, 43, did not rely on fertility drugs or in vitro for their little miracles, they…