Anderson Cooper Receives a Package from LAPD Fugitive Cop, Chris Dorner

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Anderson Cooper surprised his co-host by stating that he’d received a package from Christopher Dorner, the man on the run from the LAPD.   Cooper said that the package surprised him, and that he didn’t know he even had it until after Dorner’s name hit national media.

“It arrived February 1st at our offices at CNN, he sent it to me directly. As you can imagine, I get a lot of mail and a lot of it sometimes are from folks who have issues or are disturbed one way or another, so I actually don’t end up seeing a lot of the stuff and it usually just gets forwarded on to security folks, as was the case in this.”

Right now, Dorner is being hunted at Big Bear Mountain in California after evading police for several days.  He is an expert survivalist and has baffled police up until this point.   Cooper said that the package contained a variety of interesting things that Dorner wanted Cooper to have in his possession.

“He actually sent a coin with three bullet holes in it, it was a coin that formerly belonged to Will Bratton, who was the head of the LAPD, who was his chief. That’s the coin right there. I don’t know if those are actual bullet holes or if he just punched something through them and there are a couple of messages, as well as a DVD.”

In an online video, Dorner even gave commentary about various television personalities, giving them advice on how they should conduct their shows.  He was mostly complimentary however, but didn’t give all positive feedback toward Cooper.

“He said I should stop interrupting guests. He had a little advice for me, but he was in general complimentary … Anyway, he’s still on the loose and police are obviously still looking for him and it’s a very serious situation. If anyone does see him, he is considered armed and dangerous and they should contact their local authorities. It’s a crazy, crazy time.”



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  1. Lawdy Lawd.

  2. anderson would love to blow him.

  3. I do not believe that Anderson Cooper recieved no such package from the former police man Chris Dorner. This man will do anything to remani in the limelight.If he receive such a package why he did not reported it until now?. He is full of you know what.

  4. even if he had it it would be redacted of useful information, if it were ever broadcast at all.

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